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All titles of TAITO "EGRETII. mini" are announced! We are also looking for godfathers of official mascot characters!

TAITO「EGRETⅡ mini」の全収録タイトルが発表!公式マスコットキャラクターの名付け親も募集!

TAITO announces " EGRET II mini," a game arcade machine that can be placed on a table.
It is a mini version of TAITO's "EGRET II" game console, and has a screen that can be rotated to match the game title, multiple dedicated controllers, and other features that make it different from other game consoles, and it is attracting a great deal of attention. The "Arkanoid" is a game console with a rotatable screen to match the game title.
The mere thought of the games that I loved in the arcade back in the day, such as "Arkanoid," "Puzzle Bobble," and "Kaiser Knuckle," coming to my house is enough to make my heart flutter.
The first, second, and third titles of the "EGRET II mini" were announced at the time of its release, and now the fourth title has been announced! All titles have been announced!

画面が回る!タイトルが増やせる!TAITOから〝テーブルに置けるゲームセンター〟「EGRETⅡ mini」発表!

40 main titles + 10 expansion titles for a total of 50 titles!

EGRET II mini" will include 40 titles in the main unit and 10 additional titles on the SD card included in the paddle & trackball game expansion set, for a total of 50 titles!
The 40 titles included in the main unit are, in order of the year of original release...

  • Space Invaders (1978)
  • Lunar Rescue (1978)
  • Steel Worker (1980)
  • Lupin the Third (1980)
  • Quicks (1981)
  • Pirate Pete (1982)
  • Adventure Canoe (1982)
  • Elevator Action (1983)
  • Chuck'n Pop (1983)
  • The Outer Zone (1984)
  • Fairyland Story (1985)
  • Legend of Shadows (1985)
  • Halley's Comet (1986)
  • Bubble Bobble (1986)
  • The World of the Bizarre (1986)
  • Scramble Formation (1986)
  • Rastan Saga (1987)
  • Ultimate Tiger (1987)
  • Rainbow Island EXTRA (1988)
  • Ray Mays (1988)
  • New Zealand Story (1988)
  • TATSUJIN (1988)
  • DONDOKODON (1989)
  • Violent Fight (1989)
  • Kadash (1989)
  • Volfeed (1989)
  • Mizubaku Daiboken (1990)
  • Gun Frontier (1990)
  • Lunark (1990)
  • Hat Trick Hero (1990)
  • Ninja Kids (1990)
  • Metal Black (1991)
  • Rayforce (1993)
  • Kaiser Knuckle (1994)
  • Darius Gaiden (1994)
  • Bubble Symphony (1994)
  • Elevator Action Returns (1994)
  • Fang of the Revenge (1994)
  • Puzzle Bobble 2X (1995)
  • Bubble Memories (1995)

The 10 titles included in the Paddle & Trackball Games Expansion Set, in order of original release date...

  • Marine Date (1981)
  • Strike Bowling (1982)
  • Birdie King (1982)
  • Arkanoid (1986)
  • Arkanoid Revenge of DOH (1987)
  • Plump Pop (1987)
  • Cyberion (1988)
  • Camel Tri (1989)
  • Arkanoid Returns (1997)
  • Petit Carat (1997)

...and a total of 50 titles can be played on "EGRET II mini"!
If not only Arkanoid games but also Petit Carat games will be included, the Paddle & Trackball Game Expansion Set may be a must-have!
Even though all the titles have been announced, the release date is Wednesday, March 2, 2022, which is quite a while away.
Suppress your desire to play them as soon as possible, make your reservations calmly, and wait for their release with a calm mind.
The official "EGRET II mini" website has a chronological list of all 50 titles in the order they were announced, so be sure to check it out!

"Equal Love Game Club Extra Lesson: Oshiete! Retro Games" Vol. 3 will be distributed!

The special program " Ikolove Game Club Outside Class: Oshiete! Retro Games " is now available.
The MC is Susumu Imadate of the comedy duo "electric comic," who are known for their love of games , and the Equal Love members are Juira Saito, Maika Sasaki, and Kiori Noguchi.
EGRET II mini" producer Tetsuo Egawa will appear as the voice of heaven in this program, which has already been broadcast in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.
Vol. 3 of this popular special program is now available!

The "Ikolab Game Club Extracurricular Class: Oshiete! Retro Games" Vol. 3 will be broadcast on July 2, 2021 (Fri.) at 20: 00 on YouTube's taitochannel!
After playing "Kaiser Knuckle" in Vol. 1 and "Puzzle Bobble 2X" in Vol. 2, what games will the Equal Love members play this time?
Please tune in in real time to find out!
Vol.1 and Vol.2 are also archived, so be sure to check them out before Vol.3 is released!

We're looking for names for our mascot character!

TAITO ARCADE SELECTION " is a brand that plans, develops and releases arcade game products from a unique perspective.
Most of you are probably already following the official TAITO ARCADE SELECTION Twitter account (@TaitoASelection), which provides information on the EGRET II mini.
Did you know that the iconic character on the account doesn't actually have a name yet?
It's a cute character, and it' s official, but it doesn't have a name... Poor thing! You think so? If you think so, why don't you become a godparent?
The "Please become a godparent of this child" campaign is now open for the "TAITO ARCADE SELECTION" official mascot character! The campaign is now open!

Please become a godparent of this child" Campaign!

If your name is chosen, it will appear in the staff roll of "EGRET II mini"! This is a tremendous joy!
I would love to apply, but I know it's hard to think without any information, so here is my official profile.

  • No name...yet.
  • The game will go into operation on June 4, 2021.
  • This robot was developed based on Chuck'n, the main character of Taito's first mascot, "Chack'n Pop" in 1983.
  • The joystick on its head is replaceable.
    The pink ball joystick can move in 8 directions, the red ball in 4 directions, and the black ball in 4 directions. The red ball allows movement in four directions, while the black ball allows movement in two directions.
    It can be replaced with various other controllers such as handles, paddles, trackballs, and gun controllers.

Can you replace the joystick on the head....
I feel like I've got it backwards and confusing with the profile, but come up with a good name and be a godfather!
For more details, terms and conditions, and to apply, please visit the "Be a godparent of this child" campaign! page for details, terms and conditions, and to apply for the campaign!


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New accessories "Megadora Tower Mini ZERO" will be released for Mega Drive Mini!
New accessories "Megadora Tower Mini ZERO" will be released for Mega Drive Mini!...

A youthful spirit of Sega Enterprises is sold by sale on September 19, 2019, and is also packed in the "mega drive mini" which became a big hit",