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Shikachare," a joint project of "Qualification School TAC" and "Shinobi-ism," has started! Professional e-sports players take on the challenge of acquiring qualifications!


TAC Corporation, which provides education services for certification acquisition, and " Shinobi-ism Gaming," a professional e-sports team, have announced that they will hold "Shikachare," in which professional e-sports players will challenge themselves to acquire qualifications. The players who will be taking on the challenge of acquiring qualifications efficiently and in the shortest time possible are Abadango (@Abadango) and Yamaguchi (@yamae1128), both members of Shinobi-ism!

What is "Shinobi-ism Gaming"?

忍ism Gaming PR TIMES

A professional e-sports team established in November 2015 by Momochi, who has won two major fighting game world championships "EVO" and "Capcom Cup", and Choco Blanca, the first Japanese female professional gamer. The team provides user-friendly content, including management of professional e-sports players and planning and operation of tournaments and events, and focuses on training young players to develop the future of gaming culture. For more information, please visit the official Shinobi-ism website.

About TAC Corporation

TAC株式会社 資格の学校TAC公式サイト

TAC Corporation was established in 1980 with the corporate philosophy of "training professionals" and is a certification school for training the "professionals" needed at the time with a high track record of success. The company operates a certification school for the training of professionals with a high track record of passing examinations. TAC started as an examination guidance school in the fields of accounting and taxation, and is now expanding into various fields such as law, real estate, finance, civil service, labor relations, and information. For more information, please visit the official website of TAC, School of Qualification.

A professional gamer is challenging to get a certification?

 シカチャレPR TIMES

The goal of acquiring a certification is clear: "passing" the exam. The important point is how to "efficiently" absorb knowledge and "quickly" link what you have learned to results. Don't you think this is very similar to the basic approach to game strategy? In the "Shikachare" joint project of "Qualification School TAC" and "Shinobi-ism," top players Abadango and Yamaguchi will "conquer" the qualification examinations, and the process will be followed on YouTube and other social networking sites. You can follow the process of the "conquest" of the qualification examinations by top players Abadango and Yamaguchi on YouTube and other social networking sites. The word "certification" tends to conjure up images of difficult exams, but there are a wide variety of certifications, from easy to difficult, that can be used in a variety of industries. The "What made you choose this certification? This is a project that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from those who are interested in becoming professional gamers or in the e-sports industry itself, to students who are struggling to choose a career path, to working adults who are considering career advancement.

The participants in "Shikachare" will be...

Abadango (@Abadango)

あばだんご選手 PR TIMES

He joined Shinobi ISM in December 2018 and is an overwhelmingly well-known player in the Smash Bros. world, both domestically and internationally. His popularity is unrivaled, with 15,000 simultaneous viewers on live broadcasts and over 100,000 YouTube channel subscribers. In the JPR, which ranks the results of previous Japanese tournaments, he was ranked first out of many strong players! Will he be able to show his overwhelming presence at the Shikachare?

Yamaguchi (@yamae1128)

 ヤマグチ選手PR TIMES

A member of Shinobi Ism since he was 14 years old, Yamaguchi has been a member of Shinobi Ism since he was a trainee player, and has obtained a professional license after winning second place in the "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 Tryout Tournament #5". He has experience competing in the official Street Fighter League as a professional fighter, and although he is the youngest player in the league, he is one of the most promising young players in the league, with a good record going into the second half of the season. He is sure to show his momentum in the "Shikachare" as well!

What qualifications do these two have for the challenge?

This time, Abadango and Yamaguchi will take on the following challenges

  • Nissho Bookkeeping Certification: A popular and versatile qualification that teaches the basics of accounting knowledge. An online exam that can be taken at any time has also been introduced.
  • Gyoseishoshi Scrivener (Gyoseishoshi Lawyer): This is a national legal qualification that also allows you to start your own business. The exam is held once a year, and the pass rate is slightly high at around 8% to 15%.
  • Business Practice Legal Exam: An exam to acquire practical legal knowledge that forms the basis of compliance and legal observance skills.

These are three qualifications. All of them are high-level certifications that are not easy to pass and require a strategy to pass. Watch out for the active professional gamers who are learning "efficiently" and "in the shortest time possible" toward the goal of "passing" the exam!

Comments from the person in charge have arrived!

Management of Shinobi-ism Gaming: Hiroko Momochi

As a professional gamer myself, I was always worried about how I would live my life in the future. Doing what I love as a job means that I always have to take responsibility for myself. In such a situation, I believe that having a "weapon" such as a qualification can be a hint for how to live and can be a strength. We hope that watching the professional gamers' fight in "games" and "qualification exams" through Shikachare will give you some hints for your life choices as well.


Takashi Matsumoto, Marketing Manager, TAC Corporation

While I enjoy watching e-sports games as a viewer, I believe that it will be necessary in the near future to develop second careers for players and human resources to support the e-sports industry in the same way as ordinary athletes. First of all, we would be very happy if we could let the pro-gamers themselves know about the "qualifications" and the various options and goals available to them through "Shikachare" to all game enthusiasts!



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