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Sushiro stores and sushi are now available in the game! Free update to start the Momotetsu x Sushiro collaboration!

スシロー店舗やおすしがゲーム内にも登場!!桃鉄 × スシローのコラボ開始の無料アップデート実施!

The coming holiday season is a time when we have more opportunities to get together with family and friends. Of course there will be fun food and conversation, but if you go to the trouble of getting together, party games that everyone can enjoy together will surely make it even more exciting! And speaking of classic party games, " Momotaro Dentetsu" (Momotaro Dentetsu - Showa Heisei, 2025 - also a classic!It 's a classic! Not only is it fun and exciting, but if you play it with young children, they can learn about geography, specialties, and other local information, so you can kill two birds with one stone! It will soon be two years since its release, but with seasonal updates and collaborations with other companies, this is a title that you can keep playing for a long time, and it's very affordable, so if you haven't purchased it yet, please do so! Speaking of Momotetsu collaborations, the collaboration with the popular conveyor-belt sushi chain "Sushiro " in March 2022 is still fresh in our minds. Many people have dined at Sushiro for the "King Bombee" and "Mini Bombee" sushi that appeared at the actual Sushiro restaurants. The Sushiro collaboration ended with great success, but now it is back with a free update to Momotetsu ! This time, the Sushiro collaboration is not only on the menu, but also in the game!


Sushi appears everywhere! Even King Bombee!

Momotetsu × スシローコラボ
Momotetsu x Sushiro collaboration

With the Momotetsu free update on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the collaboration event with S ushiro has begun! In this collaboration, destinations in the game will be Sushiro stores all over Japan. Everyone will be aiming for Sushiro stores. The mighty Sushiro will float on a map of Japan and serve as a marker for your destination, so you don't have to worry about losing sight of your destination. And when you arrive at your destination, you will be greeted by Sushiro's official "Dakko-zushi" characters, so be the first to arrive at your destination!

"Momotaro Dentetsu ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!~"公式サイト

The original design trains and stamps that Momotetsu is known for will also be available. This year's original design train will be the " Sushiro Dakko-zushi" featuring Sushiro's official character "Dakko-zushi," so you can take the "Sushiro Dakko-zushi" to your destination and conquer Sushiro restaurants across Japan!

Sushiro Dakkozushi Go
"Momotaro Dentetsu ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!~"公式サイト
Original Stamp
"Momotaro Dentetsu ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!~"公式サイト

MomotetsuGP Winter 2022

MomotetsuGP Winter 2022

MomotetsuGP ", an online random-match competition for ranking with players nationwide, will start on December 1, 2022 (Thursday ) as " MomotetsuGP Winter 2022 " with special collaboration-only rules! If you collect 3 " Sushi Row Stickers ", which you will receive when you arrive at your destination, you will get double the bonus when you arrive at your destination! You will be able to gain an advantage by reaching more destinations than usual.

Sushiro Sticker
"Momotaro Dentetsu ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!~"公式サイト

In addition, along with the collaboration menu "King Bombee Sushi" and "Mini Bombee Sushi" available at actual Sushiro restaurants, King Bombee and Mini Bombee will also appear in the game as " King Bombee Sushi" and "Mini Bombee Sushi&". quot; in the game as well! In addition to their appearance, the collaboration's unusual and limited production will give you money for every roll of the dice that you roll, which makes the game even more exciting.


You can also play offline with the same rules, so please try playing with your family and friends using the special rules!

"Play with the same rules as MomotetsuGP" mode
"Momotaro Dentetsu ~昭和 平成 令和も定番!~"公式サイト

Momotetsu 10 Year Trial!

だっこずし たくさん登場!
Lots of "Dakkozushi"!

Players will be able to compete with other players from all over Japan in the " Momotetsu 10 -Year Trial! The special collaboration rule " Many Dakkozushi " will also be used! The trial will be held under the special collaboration rule, "Lots of Dakko-zushi! When you arrive at your destination, you will receive a "Dakkozushi" sticker, and if you collect these stickers, your arrival money will increase many times over depending on the number of stickers you collect! The more stickers you collect, the more you get when you arrive at your destination.

"Dakkozushi" stickers

Furthermore, Ginji the pickpocket, who always annoys players, will appear as " Sushi Ginji " during the collaboration, as if he has reformed! Usually, Ginji takes your money, but during the collaboration, he gives you a "Dakko-zushi" sticker! So even the "pickpocket Ginji" is not allowed to do bad deeds in front of Sushiro. Normally, "Ginji the pickpocket" is not someone you want to meet, but "Sushi no Ginji" would be more than happy to meet you! Meeting him may have a big impact on the outcome of the game.

Sushi no Ginji

Sushi collaborations are back!

The "King Bombee Sushi" and "Mini Bombee Sushi," which were very popular at the collaboration held in March, will appear again! But what? There is no way that Sushiro will serve the same thing again! The ingredients have been changed and renewed! Many of you may have been going to Sushiro in March and had "King Bombee Sushi" and "Mini Bombee Sushi" all over again, so this will be a great chance to try new tastes.

King Bombee Sushi" and "Mini Bombee Sushi

The "King Bombee Sushi" is a seven-ingredient dish that includes tuna, red shrimp, grilled salmon, steamed scallops, takuan (pickled radish), salmon roe, and tobiko ( tobiko is called "shishamoko" in some areas), all for 360 yen or A plate for 390 yen. The "Mini Bombee Sushi" is a dish for ¥120-¥150 and is filled with seven ingredients that both adults and children love: egg salad, crab salad, tuna salad, tenkasu, and tobiko ( *"tobiko" is called "shishamoko" in some areas). The price ranges from 120 yen to 150 yen. The sales period is from November 16, 2022 (Wed) to December 11, 2022 (Sun), and the quantity is limited! The total number of servings of both items is planned to be 240,000. Furthermore, there is a limit to the number of orders sold per day, so there is a big possibility that some stores may run out of orders early! Be sure to arrive at the store early! For more information on the Momotetsu x Sushiro collaboration in-game event, please visit the official " Momotaro Dentetsu ~Showa Heisei Era: 2025 - Standard! ~For more information on the Momotetsu x Sushiro collaboration, please visit the official Momotetsu x Sushiro website, and for more information on the collaboration menu, please visit the official Sushiro website!


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