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The main character also announced a new system, release decision! "Super Robot Taisen 30" announcement content second half battle!


Super Robot Taisen 30 ", the latest home video game in Namco Bandai's "Super Robot Taisen" series, will celebrate the series' 30th anniversary in 2021.
On July 11 (Sun.), 2021, many of the latest information was revealed at the "Super Robot Taisen: Steel Super Thanksgiving Festival 2021"!
The first PV was also released, and the entries were also announced, surprising fans to no end. We had no idea that " Yusha Keisatsu Jedeker " would join the game!
The entries were announced in the first half of the first PV and introduced on funglr Games, but the PV was so packed with content that we were unable to fully introduce all of it.
This time, we would like to introduce the protagonist and main character, as well as the release date and product information announced in the second half of the PV!

The main character is "Hückebein"!

In the Super Robo series, the entries are important, but the original Super Robo machines and works are also very important.
The main character of this game will be flying a realistic machine, which is the "Vanishing Trooper"! It is the "Vanishing Trooper" or " Hückebein "!

Hückebein 30

I'm sure you fans know what kind of machine it is, but if you don't know, this is a very long story, so I' m sorry, but you'll have to look it up!
The " Hückebine 30 ", a redesign of the "Hückebine" by Hajime Katoki, will be the main character of this work.
The "Hückebein 30" will be the main character of this work. While inheriting the "Hückebein" style, the " XXX " design on the eyes and the design that reminds us of a seal give it a mysterious atmosphere in a cool design.

Since the main character was announced, of course the main character was also announced!
The male protagonist of this game is "Edge Seinclaus "!

Edge Sainklaus

The design is by Sachiko Kono, who is a well-known character in the Super Robo series , and the CV is by Tomokazu Sugita, who is also a well-known character in the series!
Speaking of Mr. Sugita's Super Robot, I have a strong image of Brit, but unlike the serious Brit, Edge Sainklaus seems to have a languid atmosphere.

And the female lead character is " Azu Sainklaus "!

As Seinklaus

Designed by Miho Itoi, who is also a familiar face in the Sparobo series, and with a CV by Mai Aizawa, who is also a familiar face in the series!
Mai Aizawa is well-known for her "Azuki Sawa" and "Mail Beater" characters, but she seems to be a much cooler character than those two.

In the Super Robo series, rival characters and rival machines are also important, aren't they?
The rival character in this game is " Karl Reim Vaul "!

Karlraim Vaul

The character is designed by Shuji Sogabe, who is also known for designing the character of "God Eater" and "Tsunoboshi Prana" in "Sakura Revolution "!
The CV of the character is Yuichi Nakamura, who plays a wide range of characters, from a fresh young man to a crazy, dangerous guy!
Mr. Nakamura has a strong image as Alto Saotome from "Macross Frontier" and Graham from "Mobile Suit Gundam OO" series in Super Robo.
If you choose a male protagonist, it is exciting to think that Mr. Sugita and Mr. Nakamura, who have interacted with each other, will be opponents!

And the rival machine will be the " Glavarin " newly designed by Masami Ohari!
It is a strong-looking machine, but it also has an atmosphere reminiscent of the "Granzon," the most deadly machine in the series.


The appeal of Super Robo is that the stories of multiple games cross over, but the core of the story is still the original story.
What will be the reason why the earth is in trouble this time? I'm looking forward to it!

SRX & Psybuster join the fray!

Since the Super Robo series has a long history, many original machines have appeared in the series.
There is even an "OG" series that is made up of only those original machines, so the number of original machines is quite large.
Among the many popular machines, the " SRX " and " Psybuster " will be making a special entry!


I'm sure all of you fans know about SRX and Psybuster, but if you don't know about them, this is a very long story, so I 'm sorry, but you'll have to look them up!
Both of them are not only popular, but have been very effective units in the series so far, so you can be sure that they will play an important role in the new series!
I wonder if the PsyFlash, the map weapon of the PsyBuster, will be able to attack only enemy units in this game as well!

New game system revealed!

Various game systems have been adopted for each title and series, and the ingenuity to keep the fans entertained has been amazing.
It has been announced that a new game system will be adopted for this title as well!
The first one is " Tactical Area Select ".


This system changes the storyline and the order in which players obtain aircraft and characters by selecting any point from the multiple battlefields that exist.
This may sound like the same as the previous story branching points, but it seems that there will be a unique way to proceed in "Tactical Area Select," such as selecting and playing missions in specific areas to earn funds and experience.

And for the first time in a home version of Super Robo, " AUTO BATTLE " will be installed!


"This feature, which has been included in smartphone titles such as Super Robot Wars DD, will make it possible to automate the movement of aircraft and combat in the map.
This is a very useful feature when playing around the map to gain experience and funds, or when playing the second or third round, but be careful, because if you are not careful, you may end up getting wiped out.
You can also set individual thought types for AUTO, so set them according to how well your units have been reinforced!

On sale October 28! Super limited edition available!

Super Robot Wars 30

"Super Robot Wars 30" will be released onNintendo Switch, PS4, and Ste am on Thursday, October 28, 2021!
The Nintendo Switch and PS4 will be priced at 8,600 yen (excluding tax ) for the standard packaged version and the standard downloadable version, while the Steam version will be open price.
Pre-orders have already begun at various retailers, and the early purchase bonus for the packaged version and pre-order bonus for the downloadable version have been revealed!
The common bonus is the "Soul of Steel" mission, which gives you the "SRX", the "Striker Scope" and the "Defender Arm".
The "Magic Machine God" mission, which awards the "Psybuster", the "Cyclone Booster" and the "Amulet of the Sky".
Special Starter Pack" missions, which offer the "30th Military Academy Certificate", CREDIT: 50,000, PP: 500, and MxP: 3,000.
Please note that the packaged version is included in the first production run as an early purchase bonus, while the downloadable version is a pre-order bonus with different conditions.
Also, the downloadable version includes the "Pre-order the downloadable version" mission, which gives you the additional enhancement parts "Accelerator 30", CREDIT: 50,000, PP: 500, and MxP: 3,000, so as far as rewards are concerned, the downloadable version may be a bit more economical. The downloadable version may be a little more economical.

Early purchase and pre-order benefits

As you may have guessed, there is a " limited edition " as well, since we have introduced the "standard edition" so far!
The packaged versions for Nintendo Switch and PS4 will be available in a " Super Limited Edition "!
In addition to the packaged "Super Robot Wars 30" software, the main character of the game , "Hückebein 30", will be included as a METAL ROBOT Soul (Ka signature) <SIDE OG>!

"ヒュッケバイン30"METAL ROBOT魂(Ka signature)<SIDE OG>
Hückebein 30" Soul of METAL ROBOT (Ka signature) <SIDE OG>.

This is officially the fastest three-dimensional figure ever to be bundled with a software package, and I want it so bad I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Since it is a METAL ROBOT Soul, its quality is second to none! Based on the "Chogokin" die-cast frame, the characteristic molding and armament have been thoroughly reproduced.
Currently, it is not available as a stand-alone item, so if you want to get one, make sure you get the "Super Limited Edition"!
The "Super Limited Edition" includes the original BGM soundtrack, which contains a massive 135 tracks, and will cost 28,600 yen (excluding tax)!
At the time of writing, pre-orders have been closed at all retailers, and some of them are selling at high prices, so please be careful when purchasing.

スーパーロボット大戦30 超限定版
Super Robot Wars 30 Super Limited Edition

Paid DLC will be released!

In addition to the main game, paid DLC will also be available!
The first one is " Premium Sound & Data Pack ".


This fan-favorite DLC set includes 31 game-sized anime songs and sounds, 15 original BGM songs, and 51 pages of setting materials!
You must buy this DLC if you want to listen to that song or that song all over again!
In addition, the "Purchase Premium Sound & Data Pack" mission will give you 100,000 CREDIT, 1,000 PP, 5,000 MxP, and the "Topological Sight" enhancement parts, so you'll have an advantage as you progress through the game! This will give you an advantage as you progress in the game!
The "Premium Sound & Data Pack" will cost 4,000 yen (excluding tax )!

Next is the "Season Pass ".

season pass

You may be wondering what the "Season Pass" means in the context of Super Robo, but it allows you to use additional playable aircraft and additional missions.
DLC (1) includes 9 playable aircraft (including 2 from the Spar Robo OG series) and 13 additional area missions. DLC (2) is separate from DLC (1) and includes 9 playable aircraft (including 2 from the Spar Robo OG series) and 13 additional area missions.
DLC① and DLC② will be sold separately at a later date, but if you purchase the "Season Pass", you will receive "Early Access" two days before they go on sale separately, so you can play the new maps before everyone else!
You will also get two bonus missions that will give you reinforcements and other items that will help you progress in the storyline!
The "Season Pass" costs 4,000 yen (excluding tax )!

The last one is the " Bonus Mission Pack ".

Bonus Mission Pack

This DLC allows you to play 15 independent side missions that take place in between the main storyline.
This is recommended for those who want to enjoy the story more deeply.
By completing the side missions, you can get powerful reinforcement parts, and you can also get reinforcement parts from the bonus mission "Bonus Mission Pack".
The "Bonus Mission Pack" will cost 1,500 yen (excluding tax )!

A limited download version will also be available!

With so many different DLCs, it's hard to buy them one by one.
We have also decided to release a limited downloadable version of the game on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam, each of which will include the DLC!

Download Limited Edition

The first one is the " Digital Deluxe Edition " which includes the main game, "Season Pass" and "Bonus Mission Pack".
This edition is recommended for those who want to play the entire scenario.
The Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at 13,500 yen (excluding tax ), while each of them costs 14,100 yen (excluding tax) if purchased separately.

A " Digital Ultimate Edition" that includes all DLC including the "Premium Sound & Data Pack" will also be available for purchase!
Since Sparobo fans will probably end up buying all the DLC, many downloaders may choose the "Digital Ultimate Edition" as their only option.
The Digital Ultimate Edition is priced at 16,500 yen (excluding tax ), while the Digital Ultimate Edition costs 18,100 yen ( excluding tax ) if you purchase each of the DLCs separately.

Lots of information on Super Robo 30!

Super Robot Taisen 30" was filled with a lot of information, such as the entries, main character information, and product information.
Especially, there are a lot of product information such as package version, download version, super limited edition, DLC, and download limited edition.
Please be careful when making your pre-orders, as there is a possibility of duplicate purchases.
The long-awaited release of the latest title in the series is only about three months away, and additional information is sure to be released in the coming months!
Be sure to check the official "Super Robot Wars 30" website and the official Super Robot Wars Twitter (@srw_game ) for more details and updates!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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