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Let's get excited together even if it is far away! "Super Mario Party" is available for online play with free updates!

遠く離れていても一緒に盛り上がろう!「スーパー マリオパーティー」が無料アップデートでオンラインプレイに対応!

A major spring holiday in 2021 that will begin soon. Commonly known as Golden Week.
Following last year, people are urged to avoid traveling and returning home during this year's Golden Week, and to refrain from traveling across prefectural borders by using online return trips and other means. But , it's a vacation, after all.
But it's your vacation, and you want to play games with your family and relatives you don't normally see, don't you?
For those who do, the popular party game "Super Mario Party" on Nintendo Switch is getting a free update!
It now supports online play!

Online support with a free update!

Nintendo Switch's "Super Mario Party " will be getting a free update on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, and "Sugoroku (Mario Party)," "70 mini-games," and "Mario Party 2-on-2 " now have new online support!
"Super Mario Party was released on October 5, 2018, so it's a very unusual case to have online support more than two and a half years after its release.
With the Corona disaster, it's not always easy to play a genre like party games together, but to update it for free so that you can play together even when you're apart, that 's Nintendo!
You can play " Sugoroku " online with friends who are far away from you.

スーパー マリオパーティー
Super Mario Party

Of course, you can also play " 2-on-2 " with your friends.

スーパー マリオパーティー
Super Mario Party

Of the 80 mini-games included in the game, 10 "rhythm games" are not online compatible, but all other 70 can be played online, so take advantage of your long vacation and play them all!

スーパー マリオパーティー
Super Mario Party

Up to 4 players can play online, but please note that the number of Nitendo Switch units required will vary depending on the combination of playing environments.

Combination of number of players
スーパー マリオパーティー公式サイト

Nintendo Switch Online subscription required.

With online support, you can now enjoy "Super Mario Party" together even if you can't go home or get together with friends, but there is one caveat.
In order to play online, you will need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, a paid service for the Nintendo Switch.
It is almost necessary to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online in order to play online, and there are many other exclusive benefits for subscribers, such as "PAC-MAN 99" and "TETRIS 99", so subscribing is recommended. However, there are some people who cannot afford to subscribe for various reasons.
For those people, we are distributing free tickets for a 7-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online !

Nintendo Switch Online 7日間無料体験チケット
Nintendo Switch Online 7-day free trial ticket

The 7-day trial allows you to use the service for most of the Golden Week holidays, and even if you have used the "7-day free trial" in the past, you can still use it!
Even if you have never played online before, this is a great opportunity to try "Nintendo Switch Online"!
The distribution period is until May 10, 2021 (Monday)! To get your free trial ticket, please visit My Nintendo's official website!

For more details, please visit Nintendo's website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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