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Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary! Mario's quiz running on jr east trains has been renewed!


2020 is the 35th anniversary year of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. launched on September 13, 1985, so September 13, 2020 would have been exactly 35 years! Congratulations!

There have been a lot of announcements, and a lot of events happening to commemorate the 35th anniversary, but the new announcement is the renewal of the Mario trivia quiz that is playing on trains in East Japan Railway!

「スーパーマリオブラザーズ35周年 Direct」発表内容まとめ!星野源さんのTVCMも公開!

60-second challenge! Save Luigi!

60-second challenge! Save Luigi!

The videos on the screens in JR East trains are always interesting to watch, and the Super Mario Bros. trivia quiz is sure to catch your attention.
The Super Mario Bros. trivia quiz is a fun way to spend your train rides, with some of the questions you already know and others that will make you say "huh?
To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Miscellaneous Quiz, the "60-second Challenge! Save Luigi! The quiz has been renewed to "Save Luigi!

Let's challenge Bowser's trivia quiz in order to save Luigi from capture!

The renewal of the video will start today, Monday, September 14, 2020, and a new quiz will be added every Monday.
Some of you may have already seen it.
It's going to turn that slightly depressing commute to work or school on the train into a fun time!
The video is from the "60-second challenge " posted on Nintendo's website. Save Luigi! The videos are also available on the "Save Luigi!" special page on Nintendo's website, and the videos that have already been released will be accumulated as back numbers, so you can watch them all at once.
It might be fun to give your coworkers and classmates a quick quiz on miscellaneous things you saw on the train when you get to work or school!
For more information, please visit the Nintendo website!


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