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"SUPER MARIO BROS. 35" First Event "World Count Challenge" will be held!

「SUPER MARIO BROS. 35」初のイベント「ワールドカウントチャレンジ」開催決定!

SUPER MARIO BROS. 35 " is being distributed for a limited time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.
35" is a battle royale game in which 35 Mario characters send enemy characters at other Mario characters to survive, but you've already played it, right?
You've already played this game, haven't you?
Although "SUPER MARIO BROS. 35" has regularly held "Special Battles" where everyone challenges each other under the same conditions, there have been no large-scale in-game events until now.
We thought it would be fun to have everyone working together to achieve a strong goal, so we decided to hold our first in-game event , the "World Count Challenge"!

Let's defeat a total of 3.5 million Bowser around the world!

第1回"SUPER MARIO BROS. 35 ワールドカウントチャレンジ"
The 1st "SUPER MARIO BROS. 35 World Count Challenge"!

The first in-game event is the " SUPER MARIO BROS. 35 World Count Challenge.
As the name implies, the challenge is to complete a task around the world and count the number of Koopa. The goal of the event is to reach the target number within a certain period of time.
The first challenge is " Kill 3.5 million Bowsers! "!
During the event period of January 19, 2021 (Tuesday) 16:00 - January 26, 2021 (Tuesday) 15:59, the number of Bowser defeated in "35 Player Battles" or "Special Battles" will be counted, and the goal is to defeat a total of 3.5 million Bowsers. The goal is to defeat a total of 3.5 million Bowsers.
The "Special Battle" will be held at the same time as the " Battle of the Bowser Castles" in which many Bowser castles will appear. Bowser Castle Battle Again" will be held at the same time, so it should be a relatively efficient way to defeat Bowser!

Showdown! Bowser Castle Battle Again!

If you successfully achieve the goal, you will receive 350 Platinum Points from the Nintendo Points Program for every account that defeats at least one Bowser during the period!
Platinum Points" are points that can be exchanged for in-game items and goods at the My Nintendo Store, and with 350 Platinum Points, you can get all sorts of rare items!
Let's achieve the goal and get 350 Platinum Points at any cost!

Let's hone our skills until the event starts!

The first "SUPER MARIO BROS. 35 World Count Challenge" will be held from Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 16:00 to Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 15:59.
Even if you are interested in participating, "SUPER MARIO BROS. 35" is available only to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so you will not be able to play it unless you are a subscriber!
Nintendo Switch Online is a very affordable service and subscription is a must, but there are some people who can't subscribe due to circumstances, right?
For those who can't, there is a special offer where you can redeem a Nintendo Switch Online 7-day free trial ticket from My Nintendo Gifts for 0 Platinum Points until Monday, February 1, 2021!

Nintendo Switch Online 7日間無料体験チケット
Nintendo Switch Online 7-Day Free Trial Ticket

If you redeem your free trial ticket right before the event, you can enjoy the event in its entirety, and the trial version of "Monster Hunter Rise" is also available now. Enjoy the free trial for a great price!
However, please note that an Internet connection is required.

Even if you are in the whole world, defeating 3.5 million Bowser in one week will be a tough task.
So, to achieve our goal smoothly, let's start honing our skills now!
For more details, please visit Nintendo's website!


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Battle Royale with 35 Mario! "Super Mario Bros. 35" is now available!
Battle Royale with 35 Mario! "Super Mario Bros. 35" is now available!...

Then various announcements do the "super Mario brothers" who met 35th anniversary of sale happily, and there are much new design and something pleasan

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