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Konami Joined Stadia: New Bomberman Game

Konami Joined Stadia: New Bomberman Game

Stadia, a cloud service provided by Google, serves 14 countries. As data are stored in cloud, local storage momories are not involed during gaming, the gaming experience is smoother. Konami announced the joined Stadia.

New Bomberman title

First game of Konami in Stadia titled "SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE".

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE is aonline Battle royale game for 64 players.
64 players battle with each other in different areas to win the game.
Clothing, bomb and blast designs could be customized.

Available in autumn

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE would be available in autumn 2020.

Check outKONAMI Official Website

29760Konami Joined Stadia: New Bomberman Game
Good news for those who will not forget Canojo! "Canojo Plus Lite" is decided to implement in "LovePlus EVERY"!

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