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Under the legendary tree! "Fujisaki Shiori Bomber" participates from memo when "Super Bomberman R Online"!

伝説の樹の下で!「スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン」にときメモから「藤崎詩織ボンバー」が参戦!

64-player simultaneous play is hot in Konami's " Super Bomberman R Online."
The combination of the classic Bomberman gameplay with the popular battle royale genre is so much fun that it's hard to believe how addicting it can be, so we can't help but play it.
One of the things to look forward to in "Super Bomberman R Online" is the variety of characters.
In addition to the basic Bomber characters, characters from popular Konami and other titles also appear as Bombers, each with their own special abilities.
If you use them well, they can be a one-shot weak point, but it is really fun to play the exquisite game of not relying too much on their abilities.
Since the launch of "Super Bomberman R Online", new Bombers have been added from time to time, and now another new Bomber is available for download!
The heroine of Konami's, or rather the world's, most popular romance simulation game is now available as a Bomber!


The "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" from TOKI-MEMO has joined the game!

The new "Super Bomberman R Online" is " Fujisaki Shiori Bomber" based on the main heroine " Shiori Fujisaki" from the love simulation game " Tokimeki Memorial ", a milestone in the history of love simulation games! Bomber "!

Shiori Fujisaki Bomber

She has already participated in the sister game " Bomber Girl " as Shiori Fujisaki, but she is participating in this game as "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber", so there are no Bomber Girl-like effects in this game! Please be forewarned!
The original Shiori Fujisaki was an idol of "Kirameki High School", but the "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" is not.

A high school girl Bomberman who attends Tokimemo Star Kirameki Academy.
She is a perfect match for the word "peak flower," as she is good-looking, intelligent, well-behaved, and athletically talented. Although there are many boys who have feelings for her, none have so far been able to match her glasses.
Her hobbies include collecting hair bands and listening to classical music.

"スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン"公式サイト

The basic setting is that of the original Shiori Fujisaki and the new Shiori Fujisaki Bomber.
The basic setting is similar to that of the original Shiori Fujisaki, but since she is a " high school girl bomberman ", she is a different person from Shiori Fujisaki....
The "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" can be purchased in the game's "Shop" for 300 Bomber co ins!

Buy it now at funglr Games!

The "Super Bomberman R Online" editorial team at funglr Games also purchased the "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" right away!

Shiori Fujisaki Bomber

With long pink hair, a hair band, a sailor uniform, and loafers, this bomber is a perfect example of Shiori Fujisaki's characteristics.
Her abilities are limited by her firepower being fixed at the lowest level and her inability to use special bombs, but her special ability, " Tokimeki Field," disables surrounding characters for a short period of time.
Since the firepower is low, the key to victory will be knowing when and how to use "Tokimeki Field"!

Shiori Fujisaki Bomber

Better practice makes perfect! I'm going to play around with "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" right away!

Shiori Fujisaki Bomber

Event Battle "Standard" starts!

Not only "Shiori Fujisaki Bomber" is now available, but also a new event battle " Standard " has started!
This event battle can be selected from the "Quick Match " menu, and allows you to enjoy Bomberman's familiar 4-player or 8-player battles.

Standard Bomberman

The vertiginous "Battle 64" is fun, but the classic Bomberman, where a small group of players battle it out on a single map, is just as interesting! Enjoy the tense battles!
The stages and number of players change on a timed basis, so no matter how many times you play, you can enjoy a different battle each time, so keep trying!
The game will be available until December 8, 2021 (Wed.) at 9:59 p.m., so get ready to play against rivals from all over the world!


For more details, please check the NEWS page on the official "Super Bomberman R Online" website!


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