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Blockbuster sci-fi suspense turned into a game! "Daylight Saving Time Render Anather Horizon" Announced!

大ヒットSFサスペンスがゲーム化!「サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon」発表!

Many people may think of Shueisha's " Weekly Shonen Jump " when it comes to shonen manga magazines, which continue to produce numerous masterpieces.
I, too, have been reading Jump for as long as I can remember, and even now that I am middle-aged, I still subscribe to it every week, making it a part of my life.
However, it was a long time ago when I used to buy it at bookstores or convenience stores.
However, "Shonen Jump+" has a very rich lineup of original works, and has produced many big hits such as "SPY x FAMILY," "Dundadan," "Censorman Part 2," "Monster No. 8," and many more. Many of these works have been adapted into animated films. Many of them have been made into anime.
Summertime Renda," which has been serialized in Shonen Jump+ and will be aired as a TV anime from April 2022, will be adapted into a game!

Anather Horizon" is now being made into a video game!

Based on " Summertime Renda," a science fiction suspense manga by Yasunori Tanaka that was serialized in " Shonen Jump+ " from 2017 to 2021.
It seems like only yesterday that this work by Yasunori Tanaka, well-known for "Hitomi no Katoburepas" and "Kagijin," became a hot topic in the editorial department of funglr Games when it was first serialized.
The TV anime has been airing since April 2022, and the story will reach its climax in September 2022 when this article is written.
As for the content of the story A work that really must not be spoiled! The story is as follows.
The original comic "Summertime Renda" is now on sale in 13 volumes! The animated TV version is now available exclusively on Disney Plus! Please check it out!

サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon
Summertime Renda Anather Horizon
"サマータイムレンダAnother Horizon"公式Twitter

It has been announced that "Summertime Renda" will be adapted into a game called "Summertime Renda Anather Horizon"!
The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PS4, and will be an adventure game.
The game will be released by " MAGES. ", known for "PSYCHO-PASS: Happiness without Choice", so we can expect a high quality title.
Along with the announcement, a teaser site was released, package visuals were unveiled, and a Twitter account (@summertime_adv) was opened.
We don't know anything about the release date or game content at this point, but with the original story being so interesting! I have a feeling it will be a masterpiece!
More information will be announced as it becomes available, so let's look forward to hearing more!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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