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【While writing】"Daylight Saving Time Render Anather Horizon" will be released! Product information and game contents are also revealed!

「サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon」の発売が決定!製品情報やゲーム内容も明らかに!

The TV anime " Summertime Renda, " based on the original story by Yasunori Tanaka, reached its final episode on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at midnight.
How will the story of Shinpei and his friends on a summer day end? You will have to find out for yourselves!
You missed it! I forgot to record it! If you forgot to record it, all the episodes are now available exclusively on Disney Plus! It will also be available on TVer, the official commercial TV streaming service, until 23:59 on October 6, 2022 (Thursday ), so be sure to check it out! I've read all of the original story, but the last episode of the anime had me in tears.
While we are still basking in the afterglow of the last episode, the live-action adaptation and spin-off novels are still being developed, so that summer is not over yet!
One of the hottest topics is " Summertime Renda Anather Horizon, " which will be released on Nintendo Switch and PS4.
The game will be made into a game, and the game's original character " Kaori Koyumiba " played by Yui Ogura will also appear in the game.

「サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon」オリジナルキャラクターのCVが小倉唯さんでアイドル!?

The original ending is also coming! The new movie will be released on January 26th, 2023!

The release date of "Summertime Render Anather Horizon" has been set! January 26, 2023 (Thursday) has been decided! Closer than you can imagine!
Along with the announcement, the official website has been updated to reveal the contents of the game, which had been shrouded in mystery until now.

サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon
Summer Time Renda Anather Horizon
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

In addition to the main story that recreates the main story of the TV anime, there will be six original stories supervised by the editorial department and an original ending!
Original ending means that the ending will be different from the original story and anime...? I can't imagine that at all!

小弓場かおり / 小倉唯
Kaori Koyumiba / Yui Ogura
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

The character that will hold the key to the new storyline is the recently revealed "Kaori Koyumiba" played by Yui Ogura, an original character in the game.
How will the story change when she, an idol, arrives on the island of Hitogashima? Only the player will know.

サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon
Summer Time Render Anather Horizon
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

I won't go into details because spoilers are strictly prohibited, but "Summertime Renda" has a very unique storyline, and that's what makes it so appealing.
In order to reproduce this charm in the game, it is equipped with a unique ADV system including "tips branching" and "action branching"! Your choices will determine the story.
In addition, a large amount of graphics from the TV anime have been introduced, so you can enjoy beautiful graphics just like in the anime.

How will Shinpei, Ushio, Mio, Hizuru, and the people of Hitogashima change with the arrival of a new character, Kaori Koyumiba?
Witness with your own eyes a different world line from the original!

Limited Editions and Special Offers!

Along with the game information, the product information of "Summertime Render Anather Horizon" has also been released!
First of all, the standard edition of the game will be available for 8,580 yen (including tax) for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, and 7,700 yen (including tax) for the downloadable version!
Recently, the downloadable version is a little cheaper than the packaged version.

サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon パッケージ版
Summertime Render Anather Horizon Package Edition
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

A limited edition with special extras will also be available!
The limited edition will come in a box with an original illustration, the packaged software, the official strategy book "Summertime Render Another Horizon Secret Book " and the music CD " Summertime Render Another Horizon Game Original Sound track"! The official strategy book and music CD are included in this special package!
The contents of the official strategy book and music CD will be announced later, but we have a feeling that "Summertime Renda" is going to do something with them. Let's wait for more information!
The price of the limited edition will be 11,880 yen (tax included)!

サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon 限定版
Summertime Render Anather Horizon Limited Edition
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

Many of you may be thinking of pre-ordering it right away, but if you pre-order by November 15, 2022 (Tuesday ) at participating stores, you will receive an original miniature color paper (one of a total of five types, random )!
The images released to the public show that Ushio, Mio, Mio(?), Hizuru(?) Mio, Mio(?), Hizuru(?), Koyumiba Kaori(?), and Mio(?). The image released shows that there are 5 kinds, but why is there no Shinpei?
It will be a surprise to see which one you get, so let's look forward to receiving it!

Early Preorder Benefits
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

Also, when you purchase "Summertime Renda Anather Horizon", you will receive an entry ticket for a chance to win a signed autograph card from a cast member in a drawing!
By entering the application form included with your purchase, you will be entered into a drawing to win a cast autograph card.
The cast members of the cast autograph cards are!

  • Natsuki Hanae as Shinpei Amishiro
  • Anna Nagase as Ushio Kobune
  • Saho Shirasuna as Mio Kobune
  • Ms. Yoko Hikasa plays the role of Hizuru Minakata
  • Playing the role of Hishigata Window : Kensho Ono
  • Actress Maki Kawase plays the role of Tokiko Hishigata
  • Playing the role of Tetsu Dekomura : Yoshi Ueda
  • Playing the role of Kaori Koyumiba : Yui Ogura
  • Playing the role of Heine : Misaki Hisano
  • Yuko Sanpei as Ryunosuke Minakata

The details on how to apply will be announced shortly.
We are waiting for further information on the application method and details, which will be announced shortly!
And the stores for early pre-order are

  • Amazon.co.jp
  • Animate (including mail order)
  • Amiami Online Shop
  • Joshin
  • AKIBA Sofmap (Sofmap TV game software stores)
  • WonderGOO
  • Rakuten Books

Rakuten Books, Inc.
What's more! Some stores have original game bonus items that have been freshly drawn!
Animate ( including mail order) will offer an " Animate Limited Set ", which includes an A4 acrylic panel for 5,940 yen (including tax) on top of the price of each set, and a B2 tapestry for the limited edition only as an " Animate Bonus ".

Animate Store Benefits
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

B2 tapestry for the limited edition ,pass case for the standard edition at Amiami online store

Amiami Online Shop Store Benefits
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

Joshin will give a microfiber mini towel.

Joshin Store Benefits
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

AKIBA Sofmap ( Sofmap TV game software stores): B2 tapestry for the limited edition only

AKIBA Sofmap store benefit
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

B2 tap estry at WonderGOO

WonderGOO store benefit
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

B2 cloth poster at Rakuten Books

Rakuten Books store benefit
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

B2 cloth poster at Rakuten Books.
In addition to the special offers, these stores are also eligible for early pre-orders, so if you pre-order by November 15, 2022 (Tuesday), you will be eligible to receive a miniature color paper (one of five types, random) originally drawn for the game!
Don't forget to pre-order by the end of the period if you want the mini-colored paper too!

And if you want to get the mini-colored paper as well, don't forget to make your pre-order before the end of the period!
A4 clear file at Amazon.co.jp

Amazon.co.jp store benefit
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

At GEO, you will get a DVD containing the promotional video used in the PR campaign.

GEO store benefit
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

...and so on!
All of the extras are very attractive and I would like to get all of them, but it's not that easy.
While you are wondering which store to pre-order from, keep in mind that the early pre-order bonus expires on November 15, 2022 (Tuesday), and consider making a reservation!
For product information and reservation store details, please check the official "Summertime Render Anather Horizon" website!


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