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The Ogilinal character of "Summertime Render Anather Horizon" is Yui Ogura's idol CV!?

「サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon」オリジナルキャラクターのCVが小倉唯さんでアイドル!?

The TV anime " Summertime Renda, " based on the original story by Yasunori Tanaka, has been airing by popular demand since April 2022.
At the time of writing, Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the story is at its climax. There are only two episodes left.
What the ending will be, you will have to see for yourselves. For those of you who have read the original story, no spoilers!
It was at the beginning of September 2022 that "Summertime Renda" was adapted into a game called "Summertime Renda Anather Horizon " to the surprise of fans.
At the time of the announcement, the game's genre was " Time Leap ADV," the platforms were Nintendo Switch and PS4, and the distributor was MAGES.
Since the "Summertime Render" game is a game that involves a lot of mystery, we were wondering how information about the game would be revealed, when a surprise announcement was made at the very first move!
Summertime Renda Anather Horizon" will feature an original character from the game!

大ヒットSFサスペンスがゲーム化!「サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon」発表!

Kaori Koyumiba, played by Yui Ogura, was revealed!

Kaori Koyumiba, played by Yui Ogura
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

The original character announced for "Summertime Renda Anather Horizon" is " Kaori Koyubaba"!
The character was designed by Yasunori Tanaka, the author of the original story, and will be voiced by Yui Ogura, a popular voice actress.
The character visuals as well as the character settings have been released in conjunction with the announcement.

Kaori Koyumiba
"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

An idol known by many of the public.
She lived in Hitogashima until her childhood, but moved to Tokyo due to her parents' work.
By nature, she is an extremely introverted person, but she is fascinated by a certain woman and auditions for an idol in order to change herself.
She has a very strong attachment to her hometown of Nittogashima, and she makes it a point to pay her hometown tax every year.

"サマータイムレンダ Anather Horizon"公式サイト

It is surprising to see an original character in "Summertime Renda," which has a well-developed story, but what about an idol from Hitogashima?
The "certain woman" whom he admired is also a matter of interest. Is she someone who has already appeared in "Summertime Renda"?
How will the story unfold with her appearance, and what does the title "Anather Horizon" mean?
The mystery is getting deeper and deeper....
We look forward to hearing more about how the game will unfold and if there will be any original characters in the game!
For more information, please visit the official "Summertime Renda Anather Horizon" website!


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