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Do it sugi campaign again! ? I'll still be in time! Sugi Pharmacy 45th Anniversary Plan "Nintendo Switch" "Popular Software" Lottery Campaign

やりスギキャンペーン再びか!?まだ間に合う!スギ薬局45周年企画「Nintendo Switch」「大人気ソフト」抽選キャンペーン実施

Sugi Pharmacy, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, is accepting applications for " lottery point redemption " to express its gratitude for your patronage.

The target products are that popular game console and popular titles!

スギ薬局 ポイント交換サイトスギ薬局 ポイント交換サイト

The period is from Monday, August 2, 2021 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021, and the products are as follows

  • "Nintendo Switch console" limited to 30 pieces
  • "Momotaro Dentetsu - Showa Heisei, 2038, also standard! ~Limited to 50 pieces
  • "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" limited to 50

There's less than a week left, but there's still time to enter!
If you haven't applied yet, hurry up and apply for the campaign!

How to apply for the exchange

Please apply from the "Point Redemption" button on the top page of the Sugi Pharmacy application or the " Point Redemption Site " on the top page of the customer site.
Please note that Sugi Pharmacy Group employees and related persons are not allowed to apply.
Sugi Pharmacy is indeed giving priority to its customers without making any discoveries about its own people!

Other special campaigns!

In addition to the 45th anniversary campaign, there is also a Chibimaruko-chan quiz campaign.
If you answer the quiz, you are sure to get a coupon, and in addition, 1,000 people will win a 1,000 yen QUO card Pay 1,000 by drawing lots.
Summer vacation is almost over, so why don't you take part in the "Summer Quiz Contest with Maruko! How about participating in the "Summer Quiz Contest with Maruko!


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Cedar pharmacy do Cedar! Sugi Pharmacy holds "45th Anniversary Appreciation Cedar Campaign" where PS5 hits 10 people and Switch hits 35 people!
Cedar pharmacy do Cedar! Sugi Pharmacy holds "45th Anniversary Appreciation Cedar Cam...

Very splendid awards are holding the "open cryptomeria promotion total of 1145 people win in lot which is thanks 45th anniversary PlayStation 5 and the mer