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A danceable gamer!? PGW Yao and Team Mayonaka Mitchel released a video of themselves dancing in the 3rd name BGM "Jazzy NYC '99" of Strike III!

踊れる格ゲーマー!?PGWはやお選手とチームマヨナカみしぇるさんがストIII 3rdの名BGM

Team Mayonaka(@team_mayonaka), a group of gaming enthusiasts who can dance a bit, has released a dance video in collaboration with professional gamer Hayao (@880880880880), a member of the PGW division of Global Sense Co.
The background music used in the video is "Jazzy NYC '99," a familiar song to Street Fighter fans.

I danced to "Jazzy NYC '99" with a pro gamer.

The dancers in the video are Mitchel (@misyerunrun) from Team Mayonaka and Hayao(@880880880880) from PGW.
The soundtrack is "Jazzy NYC '99" performed by J-MUSIC Ensemble (@jmusicband ), a J-POP jazz band.

Jazzy NYC '99" is the theme song for Alex and Ken in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.
The jazzy, jazz-like background music is as catchy as it is stylish, and Alex's arranged theme, which made its long-awaited return in Street Fighter V, is also very popular.
Even if you are not familiar with Street Fighter or fighting games, you must have heard it in the legendary "Backwater Upset" match.


This is a video of me dancing to "Jazzy NYC '99" in the background.
In the beginning, the choreography is centered on the steps as if they are asking how their opponents are doing, but from the middle to the end, they attack with breakdance all at once.
The work shirt of @mutekijikan and Alex's PA ( provocation) inserted in between the dance moves are also noteworthy.

Filming took place in the gaming space of Izakaya Manakaya.


The video was filmed in the gaming space of Izakaya Mannakaya in Honmachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo.
The space is a nice place with gaming posters and a CAPCOM VS. is set up in this wonderful space, which is available for rent.

Team Mayonaka


Team May onaka is a group of gamers who can dance a little bit and mainly live stream and post videos.
Each member broadcasts their favorite fighting games on Twitch (@team_mayonaka), and the YouTube channel "[Gaming General Channel] Team Mayonaka " provides arcade controller reviews and gaming information.


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