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Atsumi is overwhelmingly popular! Distribution Giken releases viewing time ranking of game titles distributed in April


The Distribution Technology Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Distribution Technology Research Institute) has published the viewing time by game title distributed in Japanese in April 2020.
The total was collected from YouTube and Twitch, as well as from the game category of each distribution platform.
The top game in April 2020 was Nintendo Switch's " Atsumare Animal Crossing," with 646,066,140 minutes of total viewing time (10,767,769 hours ).
ARK: Survival Evolved " from Spike Chunsoft, which has been a hot topic in the VTuber community, came in second with 439,840,640 minutes (7,330,677 hours ).
Apex Legends came in a close third with 426,326,550 minutes of viewing time (7,105,442.5 hours).
Distribution Giken has also released the other top 20 titles.

The top 20 titles in the ranking are now available to the public! ATSUMORI's rapid growth continues

List of live broadcasts in the Japanese game category in order of viewing time

While the spread of the new coronavirus infection has prompted people to refrain from going out, the Distribution Giken has reported that game distribution viewing time has increased in Japan since February 2020.
Although the number of infected people is decreasing, it is unlikely that the voluntary curfew will be relaxed in the future. In such a situation, online events and streams will become more and more popular.
Those who want to start distributing games in the future should take a look at the contents of this announcement.
For more information on the contents of the announcement, please visit the website of the Distribution Institute of Japan.

Top 20 Titles in Japan in Game Category Live Streaming Viewing Time
Game Title Viewing time (minutes) Distribution time (hours) Average number of simultaneous connections (persons)
Atsumare Animal Crossing 646,066,140.0 25,217 427
ARK: Survival Evolved 439,840,640.0 18,027 407
Apex Legends 426,326,550.0 21,496 331
Minecraft 359,336,400.0 11,594 517
Fortnite 273,118,540.0 42,919 106
Resident Evil RE:3 240,691,270.0 4,097 979
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE 213,705,760.0 5,816,816.0 612
League of Legends 145,498,290.0 14,244 170
Shadowverse 137,180,720.0 9,277 246
KNIVES OUT 115,243,360.0 9,491 202
Dead by Daylight 109,507,560.0 7,405 246
Super Smash Bros. 96,862,880.0 6,038 267
IdentityV 5th Personality 87,973,290.0 1,930 760
Splatoon 2 81,710,250.0 13,636 100
STREET FIGHTER V CHAMPION EDITION 60,989,220.0 2,164,470.0 470
Monster Strike 55,508,960.0 726 1,274
Hearthstone 46,103,030.0 3,888 198
Escape from Tarkov 43,323,100.0 2,654 272
Dark Souls III 41,549,050.0 630 1,099


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Distribution Giken Announces Growing Number of Game and Live Streaming Views in Japan...

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