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Is there an announcement of the delivery date of Sparrobo 30 DLC (2)! ? "Super Robot Taisen Live Distribution Program Live Sparrobo Channel" Distribution Decision!

スパロボ30 DLC②の配信日の発表はあるか!?「スーパーロボット大戦生配信番組 生スパロボチャンネル」配信決定!

Bandai Namco's "Super Robot Taisen" series is currently enjoying a huge success with "Super Robot Taisen30," a title commemorating the 30th anniversary of the series' birth.
I'm sure many of you have already completed the first round of Super Robot Wars 30 and are now on the second week, but I'm still playing through the first round and feel that I'm just past the halfway point in terms of episodes.
I can't wait to see what happens next! Especially "The High King: GaoGaiGar vs. Better Man "!
DLC (1) went on sale on November 17 for Early Access and on November 19 as a stand-alone title, and I'm sure you're all excited to see the "Sakura Wars" series join the fray, and are probably modifying your games as much as you can. So, if you are still in the middle of the story, leave some money in your pocket.
So, you are wondering when DLC 2 will be released, aren't you?
We have decided to hold a "Super Robot Wars Live Distribution Program: Live Super Robot Channel " where the distribution date may possibly be announced !

ゲシュペンストが加入!「スーパーロボット大戦30」無料アップデート & DLC①の配信日決定!

The two-part program will be distributed on December 10!

The "Super Robot Taisen Live Broadcast Program: Live Super Robot Channel" will feature the latest information on " Super Robot Taisen 30 ", the " Super Robot Taisen DD " application for smartphones that is currently being distributed by popular demand, and the latest news on the " SuperRobot Taisen" series. The program will include the latest information on "Super Robot Taisen 30" and the "Super Robot Taisen DD" smartphone app, information on Sparobo related goods,talk shows, live games and much more.
The program will consist of two parts, and the first part will include the latest information on "Super Robot Taisen DD," "Super Robot Taisen 30," and the introduction of products related to the Spar Robot series, and a rush of new information!
The latest information on "Super Robot Taisen 30" at this time makes you expect to hear about DLC (2), doesn't it?
Of course we are looking forward to "Iron-Blooded Orphans" and "ULTRAMAN", but I am also looking forward to "Alto Eisen Riese" and "Rein Weissritter", which I personally have a deep attachment to! I hope the combined attack "RAMPAGE GHOST" will be available! I'm looking forward to it!

The second part of the program will be "Super Robo Night Talk EX - Chapter 3".
In addition to a relaxed talk show between Takanobu Terada, the producer of the series, and Soichiro Morisumi of Tri-Crescendo, the man who knows the past of Super Robot Taisen, a continuation of the live play of "New Super Robot Taisen" that took place in April 2021 will be shown!

In addition to Takanobu Terada and Soichiro Morisumi, voice actors Kenji Akabane and Yohei Azaue will appear on the show. Comedian Gutsuki-Taika.
The cast was made up of the usual suspects, including the producer of Super Robot Wars 30, Shohei Mogami, and the producer of Super Robot Wars DD, Hiroaki Ochi.

The "Super Robot Taisen" live streaming program will be held on December 10, 2021 (Fri.) from 21:00 to 26: 00 for a long time!
It's Friday night, so let's stay up a little later and enjoy it in real time!
The broadcast will be available on multiple platforms including YouTube LIVE,Nico Nico Live,Bandai Channel, andLINE LIVE, so you can watch it in an environment where it is easy to watch!
For more information, please visit the official Super Robot Wars series website!


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Participation work announcement of the third PV & DLC (2) of "Super Robot Taisen 30"! ULTRAMAN appeared in Sparrobo!
Participation work announcement of the third PV & DLC (2) of "Super Robot Taisen ...

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