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"Super Robot Taisen 30" last content added! Free Update & Paid DLC "Expansion Pack" Announced!


Super Robot Wars 30 " is the 30th anniversary edition of the "Super Robot Wars" series, in which numerous super robots and real robots are playing together in a dream come true.
The lineup of the initial entries alone is superb, but with early purchase bonuses, free updates, DLC (1), and DLC (2), there are a huge number of new entries, so you'll have a hard time choosing which units to launch in the latter half of each scenario. The problem is that there are too many units to choose from.
Since the game will be released on October 28, 2021 (Thursday), all the announced additional contents have already been released, and those Super Robot fans who have already played through the game once before the DLC (2) was released are probably playing through the game two or three weeks after everything has been released.
But "Super Robot Wars 30" was not the end of the story, as it was the 30th anniversary of Super Robot Wars 30!
On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 0:00, the "Super Robot Wars 30" "latest information" will be announced on the "Super Robot Channel"!
The " latest information " was announced!

The last additional contents of "Sparobo 30" will be announced!

Super Robot Taisen series super visor Takanobu Terada and Super Robot Taisen 30 producer Shohei Mogami appeared on "Super Robot Taisen Channel" to show the latest information about "Super Robot Taisen 30". The presentation was quite spectacular.
The contents of the presentation were quite spectacular, so we will introduce them in the order in which they were announced on the "Super Robot Channel"!

Free update with additional aircraft!

A free update will be released on April 20, 2022 (Wednesday ), which will include new aircraft and a new storyline!
It's cool that it will be released on April 20, the same day the first "Super Robot Taisen" was released.
The first thing you may be interested in is the participating machines, but the first one is the well-known " Grungast " from the Super Robot series!
The pilot is " Irmgard Kazahara," the young Irmgard in his "4th" form.
I felt the same way when Gilliam's Gespenst entered the race, but Grungast is also a "Super Robo! I was excited to see the newest addition to the free update.
You can join the team by clearing the area mission "Super Fighter," which will be added with a free update, and you can also obtain the " VG Alloy " reinforcement parts.


Next, " Van Ein," the main character of "Super Robot Taisen X-Ω," will also be joining the game!
The main pilot is " Inui Asah i" and the sub-pilot is " Shatte Judewesten ".
The main pilot is "Inui Asahi" and the sub-pilot is "Shatte Judewesten." They have participated in "Super Robot Taisen DD," but this will be their first entry in a home-use title.
The "X-Ω" will join the game through the area mission "Unlocking the Door of Crossing," which will be added as a free update, and will also receive the " Alpha Omega Member Chapter," which is a strengthening part of the game.

Van Eyn

In addition, the early purchase bonus missions " Magic Armor God," " Soul of Steel," "Spirit of Magic Blade," " Spirit of Magic Bullet," and "Spirit of Super Power " will also be opened. Spirit of Super Strength" will also be opened!
For those of you who missed the limited missions because you didn't start at the right time, you'll be very happy to know that we've added them! Psybuster and SRX are cool!

And then there's this! There will also be 6 extra chapters!
These are a series of missions that will be added after the main story is cleared, and they seem to be about the final voyage of the Drykreigers, or the conclusion of the story.
What fate awaits the Drykreuz crew! Play it for yourself and find out!
In order to play the extra chapters, you must have completed the main game, have created the "Lap Play Transfer Data," and have cleared the area mission "Open Door," which will be distributed on the same day. If you are still playing the game, you should aim to complete the mission by the time it is distributed.

Extra Chapter

Paid DLC "Expansion Pack" is now available!

The free update alone is quite a volume, and now a new paid DLC "Expansion Pack" will be released!
The price is 4,400 yen (tax included) and the release date is Wednesday, April 13, 2022, so you can buy it now!
The content will be distributed in two installments, with the first installment, "Expansion Pass Purchase," being distributed on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the same day the game goes on sale!
This is a gift mission that gives you the "Soul of Steel," "Prana Converter," "Aeos Arc," and the "Attacker" skill program, as well as the "ExC Bonus.
All of them are very powerful, so get them immediately!

Mission "Purchase Expansion Pass".

The second part of the free update will be available on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the same day as the free update!
First of all, the highest difficulty "Super Expert + Mode " will be added.
Enemy forces will have the same strength as in "Super Expert Mode," while friendly forces will have a much higher level-up experience requirement and aircraft modification costs, and repeated missions will be blocked.
In the "Super Expert + Mode," you can earn 10 new, super-powerful reinforcement parts, which can be transferred to other modes after clearing the mode, so be sure to give it a try!
Please note that "Super Expert + Mode" can only be selected at the start of the game, and the difficulty level cannot be changed after the game starts.

Super Expert + Mode

A new mission, "Two Siblings," will be added as a continuous area mission.
This is a three-episode area mission that tells the story of the main characters "Edge" and "Azu" and their siblings' past.
This is a must-play episode that, together with the extra chapters that will be added in the free update, will bring "Super Robot Wars 30" to its conclusion!
In order to play, you will need to register Edge and Azu in your army and clear the main story, so if you are still in the middle of the game, aim to clear it!

Continuous Area Mission "Two Siblings" Edition

There are 20 additional area missions and 25 additional on-board missions, so there's plenty more to play around with!

And then, and then, and then! Since this is a paid DLC, additional entries and additional aircraft will appear!
A whopping 10 aircraft from 6 works will be added all at once, so we'd like to introduce them all at once!

ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS (only aircraft and pilots are participating)

Scope Dog

Scopedog (dog breed)

Scopedog TC・LRS

Scope Dog TC, LRS

DANCOUGA (Only body and pilot are participating)

Ultimate Dancuga

Ultimate Dancuga

Majestic Prince the Movie: The Awakening Gene

Red Five Plus

Red Five Plus

Getter Robo Devolution -The Last Three Minutes of the Universe- (Only the machine and the pilot participate.)

Getter 1 (Evolutionary form for the fittest)

ゲッター1 (適者進化態)
Getter1 (Evolutionary form of the fittest)

Getter 2

Getter 2

Getter 3

Getter 3

Shinkansen Deformable Robot Shinkarion: ALFA-X from the Future" (only the machine and the pilot participate)

Shinkarion E5 Hayabusa MkII

シンカリオン E5はやぶさ MkⅡ
Shinkarion E5 Hayabusa Mk II

Shinkarion E5MkII Overcross ALFA-X

シンカリオン E5MkⅡオーバークロスALFA-X
Shinkarion E5MkII Overcross ALFA-X

Super Robot Taisen OG (Only aircraft and pilot participate)


die zinger

I'd love to get into a heated discussion about all the new additions, but I'll just hold back and explain the main points . The "Ultimate Dancuga" was newly designed by Kunio Ohkawara and Masami Ohari for "Super Robot Taisen 30", and is the first time it has been released!
And "Getter Robo Devolution - The Last Three Minutes of the Universe" will not only be the first time it has participated in Super Robot Wars, but it will also be the first time it has been made into a movie!
Therefore, the CVs of the pilots "Ryoma Ryu", "Hayato Kami", and "Benkei Kuruma", and even the background music, will all be released for the first time in "Super Robot Taisen 30"! I didn't expect them to go that far!
The "Red Five Plus" from "Majestic Prince the Movie: The Awakening Gene", the movie version of the "Galactic Machine Attack Squadron Majestic Prince", which also appeared in the main series, will be joining the game! In addition, "Full Burst Mode" will be added to "Blue One", so the story of the movie version will also be depicted.
In addition, the "Shinkansen Transformable Robot Shinkarion" series will be entering the home version for the first time, and"Daizengar," one of the most popular characters in the "OG" series, will be entering the game riding on "Ausenzaiter," a.k.a. Trombe. Aussen Zeiter", a.k.a. "Trombe".
And more! Not only "Full Burst Mode" will be added to "Blue One", "Roche Saber Overbreak" will be added to "Hückebein 30th" and "SRX" will have "SRX Full Burst" will be added to the "Hückebein 30th" and "SRX", making them even more reliable as a unit and allowing you to enjoy flashy movies.
The "Expansion Pack" will be released in two phases with only one week in between, so be sure to purchase your "Expansion Pack" now to be ready for the start of the delivery!

Expansion Pack Contents

This is the last of the content additions!

The free update and expansion pack announced this time will be the last content addition to "Super Robot Wars 30".
This is the last of the free updates and "expansion packs" that will be added to "Super Robot Taisen 30".
It's a little sad, but there's an end and then there's the next!
And it's not over until you play the additional area missions that will be delivered on Wednesday, April 20, 2022!
April 20th will mark the 31st anniversary of the "Super Robot Wars" series, so let's celebrate the 31st anniversary by playing "Super Robot Wars 30"!
And starting Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 downloadable versions will be on sale for 30% off!
If you haven't played it yet, this is your chance to get in on the action!
To purchase the Nintendo Switch version, visit My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, and to purchase the PlayStation4 version, visit PlayStation Store!

Downloadable Version Sale

For more information, please visit the official "Super Robot Wars 30" website!


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