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Squeni Cafe decides to collaborate with "Seiken Legend 3 TRIALS of MANA"!

スクエニカフェが「聖剣伝説3 TRIALS of MANA」とのコラボ決定!

Reopening on June 1, 2020! Square Enix Cafe is currently holding a collaboration with "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE." (hereinafter referred to as "Square Enix Cafe").
This collaboration event is a must-attend for fans, with many limited-edition menu items and limited-edition goods featuring items and characters from the work, and the next collaborations for the Tokyo and Osaka Square Nicafe have been announced!
It is a remake of the legendary action RPG " Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA " which was released on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in April this year!

There will be a collaboration menu and a variety of limited-edition goods!

"Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA"コラボイメージ
"Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA" collaboration image

The collaboration with "Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA" (hereafter referred to as "Seiken 3") will not only feature the interior of SQUANICCAFE decorated to Seiken 3 specifications, but also a collaboration menu and many limited-edition goods inspired by the characters in Seiken 3!
The " Pui-Pui Herb Salad " is inspired by the "Pui-Pui Grass" that heals allies' abnormal states and the "Hoshikuzu Herb" that removes allies' magic effects.

Herb Recovery Salad with Puipui Grass and Stardust
sqex_cafe Twitter

Rabbi's omelette rice with eggs, " inspired by "Rabbi," a well-known monster in the Mana series

Rabbi's egg omelette rice
sqex_cafe Twitter

The menu will also feature collaboration food and drinks inspired by the six main characters of the series.

コラボドリンク"デュラン"(左) "アンジェラ"(右)
Collaboration drink "Duran"(left) "Angela"(right)

The limited-edition goods include a can bad ge with the original design printed on it and

Trials of Mana 缶バッジ
Trials of Mana can badge
"Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA"コラボ特設ページ

The limited-edition goods include a can badge with the original design printed on it, a tote bag with embroidered Rabbi "MOMOKO Tote Bag <Rabbi>", etc.

Fluffy tote bag "Rabbi
"Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA"コラボ特設ページ

and many more items that Seiken 3 fans won't want to miss!

During the collaboration period, when you order the collaboration food, you will receive an original luncheon mat (7 kinds in total) as a random gift with each order!
If you order any drink item including take-out, you will receive an original coaster (9 kinds + 1 secret) at random with each order!

Outline of original goods available only at the cafe
"Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA"コラボ特設ページ

I can't get enough of the dot designs on the luncheon mats, and I'm curious about the secret coasters, too!
I know you want to complete your order, but make sure you don't leave any of the menu items you ordered!

Seiken 3 collaboration starts June 20!

The "Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA" collaboration at SQUANICCAFE will start on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at the Tokyo and Osaka branches and will run until Friday, July 31, 2020!
This means that the "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" collaboration will end on Friday, June 19, 2020, so make sure you don't regret it!

I am such a fan of Seiken 3 that I have cleared both the original and remake versions on the Super Famicom (SNES) with all the characters as the main characters, but I have one complaint.
Why don't they have "Manmaru Drop", "Pakkun Chocolate", and "Honey Drink" on the menu or as merchandise? I wanted to buy them as souvenirs...!
That said, the luncheon mats and original coasters are so nice that I want to complete the set, and I'm going to go through the collaboration menu because I want to conquer it all!
For more details about the collaboration, please check the "Trials of Mana TRIALS of MANA" collaboration special page on the official Square Enix Cafe website!


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