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Former professional gamer SPYGEA has been appointed as an ambassador for the gaming PC brand "Legion"!


Lenovo Japan G.K. (Lenovo) announced the signing of former professional gamer and current streamer SPYGEA(@spygea_jp) as an ambassador of Lenovo 's gaming PC brand " Legion "!
SPYGEA has been in the news since he announced that he and SHAKA would graduate from their professional gaming team, " DETONATOR ", in September 2021.
At that time, you were also concerned about being called "unemployed" because you will be freelance from October on your YouTube channel. Once again, congratulations on your new position as a Legion Ambassador!


SPYGEA is now a Legion Ambassador!


Lenovo has announced the signing of an ambassador agreement with SPYGEA, a streamer and other active players in the gaming world, with the aim of improving the social status of gamers and streamers.

Comment from SPYGEA

I am very happy and honored to be working with Lenovo Japan, a world-class PC manufacturer, as an ambassador.
I will do my best to convey the appeal of Lenovo's PCs to the viewers through my own distribution.


SPYGEA will be sharing more about his activities and feelings on YouTube andTwitch, so fans can keep an eye on him!


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