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New Special "Teiouika" is also available! New Season of Splatoon 3: Spring 2023 Fresh Season!

新スペシャル「テイオウイカ」も登場!「スプラトゥーン3」の新シーズン「2023春 Fresh Season」の情報公開!

The first "High Colors City" content for the "Expansion Pass" will be released on February 28, 2023 (Tuesday ) for the Nintendo Switch " Splatoon 3 ". The thought of seeing the popular "Shio Colors" again is very exciting, and I'm sure many of you have already purchased the "Expansion Pass" and are just waiting for it to be delivered. While we are looking forward to the delivery of "Haikara City," we are also nearing the end of the "2022 Winter Chill Season," which began on December 1, 2022 (Thursday). The 4th festival held the other day was a great opportunity to raise the catalog level, but are you going to be able to complete the rewards? The end of the "Winter 2022 Chill Season" means that a new season is coming. The end of the "Winter 2022 Chill Season" means the beginning of a new season, the " Spring 2023 Fresh Season ", which will start on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

「スプラトゥーン3 エキスパンション・パス」追加コンテンツ第1弾「ハイカラシティ」が2月28日に配信決定!

New special "Teiouika" is also available! New Season Information Unleashed!

2023春 Fresh Season
Spring 2023 Fresh Season

The official Splatoon Twitter (@SplatoonJP ) has released information about the new season "2023 Spring Fresh Season". It was announced that the new season will be introduced one by one! The new season will be full of new special weapons, weapons, stages, gear, and new features, and from the images released, we can only imagine what's in store. Here are some of the new items announced as of Thursday, February 16, 2023!

Special Weapon "Teiouika

Splat Roller Collaboration

The .96 gallon deco

The new special weapon " Teio Squid" is the one to watch out for! It looks like an upgraded version of the "Giant Squid" that appeared in the Wii U version of Splatoon, and it looks like it can move even bigger and more dynamically. The " Splatroller Collaboration " and ".96 gallon deco " special weapons announced at the same time are "Teio Squid", so it seems that more and more people will be using them in the early part of the season. It might be a good idea to raise your rank and secure a Bukichi license so that you can exchange it as soon as the season starts! More information on the "2023 Spring Fresh Season" will be released as it becomes available, so don't forget to check out the official Splatoon Twitter (@SplatoonJP )!


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137171新スペシャル「テイオウイカ」も登場!「スプラトゥーン3」の新シーズン「2023春 Fresh Season」の情報公開!
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