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SOULCALIBUR VI's paid DLC11 bullet "Yukika" & paid DLC12 bullet "Creation parts set E" distribution start!

SOULCALIBUR VIの有料DLC11弾「雪華」&有料DLC12弾「クリエイションパーツセットE」配信開始!

Did you watch the " Japan Gaming Manufacturers Association " broadcast on Saturday, August 1, 2020?
The producers and directors of each manufacturer gave a frank talk and gave new information, and it was a great show. Especially Producer Harada.
Among the many new information announced, the announcement of the new DLC character " Yukika " for Bandai Namco's popular fighting game " SOULCALIBUR VI " was very exciting.
Soon after the announcement, the 11th paid DLC " Yukika" and the 12th paid DLC "Creation Parts Set E" are now available!


We have been waiting for them for a long time!

Setsuuka " is a popular character who first appeared in SOULCALIBUR III and also appeared in SOULCALIBUR IV.
Since she did not participate in the previous SOULCALIBUR V, it has been a long time since her appearance, so I am sure there are many happy fans.
The CV is played by Ms. Daichiha, who, in my opinion, has a strong image of Juju from the 2017 version of Magical Guru Guru!

With snow-white skin, lustrous golden hair, and two azure pearls on her chiseled features, she is an undeniably eye-catching figure in the cityscapes of western Japan. Here on the streets of western Japan, her figure is undeniably eye-catching. However, she still stands dignifiedly under the eyes that are directed toward her.
Even she did not start out with this nobility. She was also raised in despair, and she, too, was subjected to violence, curiosity, and heartless words. She also grew up in despair and closed her mind.
She never knew the warmth of her parents. She was born on a ship from Portugal to Japan, and her parents died of illness without ever having set foot on Japanese soil. Her relatives mistreated her, calling her an "ogre's daughter" because of her alien blood, and she finally ran away from home.
But the journey of a young girl does not last long. She ran out of strength under the cold, snowy sky, and met a man who introduced himself as "Enmiya Funamoto. A young swordsman named Enmiya Funamoto called her a flower that bloomed in the snowfield. The new life she begins under the name of "Yukika" gradually melts her frozen heart.
Funamoto began to teach Yukika his sword, the Battoujutsu. It was a way to protect herself and to survive, but her talent blossomed. Her training became more and more advanced, and Yukika grew into a woman of both strength and beauty. The two believed that they would live in secret, rejoicing in their bond.
However, the times did not leave them alone. The darkness of the Shinden Tsushima school, the art of Battoujutsu (swordsmanship) practiced by Funamoto, did not allow them to live quietly.
Funamoto was wounded in a duel and eventually passed away. Until the end of his life, he gently and strictly taught Sesshoka the sword. Having lost someone she had lived with, Yukika felt the loneliness she had felt as a child slip back into her life. Still,...... unlike those days, she had the Battoujutsu technique that her teacher had bequeathed to her. We know the name of the opponent that Funamoto witnessed. Heishiro Goken, the greatest martial artist of his time.
She moans at the snow-covered grave of her master. On the verge of death, Funamoto left a message. He forbade her to avenge her master's death.
--Why? Because I am weak. With my sword flash, I'm sure I'll get avenged .......
The one person who deserved to be with you is gone, but you are not allowed to live for revenge. The most important thing to remember is that you can't just take a chance on a new person and expect them to do the same thing for you.


The 11th paid DLC "Yukika" will be available from August 4, 2020 (Tuesday)!
The DLC is priced at 600 yen (excluding tax) and includes the episode and "Yukika" creation parts!
Of course, it is included in the Season Pass 2, so Season Pass 2 purchasers can use it right now!

Creation Parts E, a set of 40 creation parts, is also available!

Creation Parts Set E

In addition to the 11th paid DLC "Snow Flower", the 12th paid DLC "Creation Parts Set E" is now available!
This is a special set that includes 40 creation parts, including "equipment parts.
The "Tekken" collaboration parts are abundant and include " Heihachi Mishima's " uniform and hairstyle, so you can create your own Heihachi style! This will expand the scope of your creations even further.
The 12th paid DLC "Creation Parts Set E" is also available from August 4, 2020 (Tuesday)!
The price is 400 yen (excluding tax ) for a standalone purchase. It is also included in the Season Pass 2!

Free additional stages and creation parts!

Free Contents
"ソウルキャリバーVI"DLC11弾 『雪華』トレーラー

The stage, Yukika costume set, and additional episodes have been added for free in an update that coincides with the release of the 11th paid DLC "Yukika" and the 12th paid DLC "Creation Parts Set E "!
The new items include the battle stage " In the precincts of Gozumo Shrine ", costumes of "Yukika" from past games, and an additional episode of "Glow".
For those who used "Yukika" in SOULCALIBUR III and IV, you can dress up your favorite characters in these nostalgic costumes!
You will be able to use it by downloading the update Ver. 2.20.
Also, all characters will receive balance adjustments, so be sure to download the update before starting the game!

Free Contents
"ソウルキャリバーVI"DLC11弾 『雪華』トレーラー

With the addition of "Yukika", "SOULCALIBUR VI" is about to get even more exciting, so let's get ready for some hot battles!
For more information, please visit the official "SOULCALIBUR VI" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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