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Introduction video of the 9th DLC "Haoh Maru" of "SOULCALIBUR VI" released! Exclusive stickers will also be distributed at EVO Japan 2020!

「SOULCALIBUR VI」の第9弾DLC「覇王丸」の紹介動画公開!EVO Japan 2020では限定ステッカーも配布!

SOULCALIBUR VI" was also selected as the main tournament title at "EVO Japan 2020" held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from January 24 to 26.
At EVO Japan 2020, Bluegod from the United States took revenge on Yutto from Japan, who won EVO 2019, and won the championship! Congratulations!
*We'll have a separate report on the tournament!

SOULCALIBUR VI, and on the stage of EVO Japan 2020, a character introduction video for the already announced 9th DLC " Haohmaru " has been released!

EVO Japan 2020

On the day of EVO Japan 2020, Soul Calibur Producer Okubo took the stage to report on Haomaru's introduction video and recent developments, as well as announce the distribution of limited edition "Haomaru vs. Goken" stickers.

Haomaru-ness explodes!

In this newly released video, you can catch a glimpse of "Haomaru" in action against "Heishiro Goken," who, like Haomaru, uses a sword as his weapon.
You can see the well-known "SAMURAI SPIRITS" moves such as "Arc Moon Slash," "Whirlwind Slash," the motion of a powerful slash that can do massive damage, and the "Tenha Seishin Zan," a secret technique.
And will the stage be a newly added stage? I'm curious!

Limited stickers will be distributed at the SNK booth at EVO Japan 2020!

At the SNK booth on the day of the announcement, a limited number of stickers featuring the aforementioned "Haohmaru vs. Goken" were distributed!

To our surprise, Soul Calibur producer Okubo was at the SNK booth, interacting with fans.

And of course, Fangler Games got one too!

Currently in development to rave reviews!

The 9th DLC "Haohmaru" is currently under development to rave reviews!
No word yet on when it will be delivered, but we're sure it will be soon! Let's wait and see!
Additional information will be announced on the official "SOULCALIBUR VI" website, so be sure to check back!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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The introduction animation and the new character a very popular three-dimensional confrontation type weapon fight action "SOULCALIBUR VI (SOURUKYARIBA 6)&q

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