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SOULCALIBUR VI Paid DLC 7th "Hilda" announced!


Bandai Namco Entertainment's popular 3D fighting weapon action game "SOULCALIBUR VI "Ô has just released a video introducing new moves for Season 2.
It has been announced that Haohmaru from SNK's SAMURAI SPIRITS will participate in Season 2, but before that, "Hildegarde von Krone" aka "Hilda" has been announced as the 7th paid DLC!

SOULCALIBUR VI Season2の紹介動画が公開!

Princess General of the Protectorate

Hildegard von Krone.

Hildegarde von Krone (Hilda) is the first female character to appear in SOULCALIBUR IV. She wields the treasured spear "Frisch Himmel" and the treasured sword "Grenzen Nova".
Her CV is played by Yuko Kaita, known for her roles as Marida Cruz in Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Isabella (Mama) in The Promised Neverland. According to the published story

Wolfkrone is a small country located on the Rhine River coast. Hildegard was born the daughter of the royal family. Although her mother and brother died of illness in her childhood, she grew up strong under the protection of her beloved father, the king.
She may have been a little too active for a young girl. Even when she should have been studying at home, Hilda would often escape the eyes of her family and go out into the open, playing in the fields with the children of the commoners and not returning home until she was exhausted.
It is not easy for a small country to maintain its independence in the turbulent history of Europe. There were various qualities required of a royal family, such as skillful diplomacy and the trust of the people....... Among these, the power to defend oneself against foreign enemies, in other words, a high level of military prowess, was the most valued quality. Hilda, too, trained her body from an early age and learned the martial arts handed down in the royal family, and her skills were far superior to those of others her age.
If the ordeal had been a mere battle, she would have certainly won the honor of bravery. But to be a true warrior born into a royal family, she would have to face even greater odds and a fate that was sometimes too cruel to bear. When her happy girlhood came to an end, her true resolve was about to be put to the test.


and suggests that a harsh fate awaits them.

Along with the announcement, an introduction video of "Hilda" was also released, so check it out!

Distribution Date and Price

The release date and price of the 7th paid DLC, "Hilda," is currently undecided.
Hilda is a character included in the Season Pass 2, so if you want to get the DLC and creation parts for Season 2, you should purchase the Season Pass 2 to save money.
A video introducing Season 2's new moves has also been released, and we can expect Season 2 and Hilda to be available at the same time in the near future.

For more details and breaking news, stay tuned to the official SOULCALIBUR VI website!


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