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New PV of "Soul Hackers 2" released! The official website has also been updated so that you can talk to "apple"!


ATLUS' latest title in the Devil Summoner series, " Soul Hackers 2," is scheduled for release on August 25, 2022 (Thursday).
Although the release date is still some time away, the official website explains the story and terminology of the game, making it easy for those who are playing the "Devil Summoner" series for the first time to get into the world of the game.
From March 10, 2022 (Thursday), the official Atlus YouTube channel " atlustube " will be posting a daily " Apple and Devil's Future Predictions," which includes an introduction to the demons and terms that appear in the game and a horoscope, so be sure to check it out! Be sure to check it out!
New information about "Soul Hackers 2" will be released on March 14, 2022 (Monday)!

New characters!

The latest video released is "Soul Hackers 2" PV02.
The " Iron Mask " (CV: Yuichi Nakamura) and the " Zenon " (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu), summoners of the Phantom Society, who made a brief appearance in PV01, make a strong appearance in this video.
The shocking murder of Ichiro Onda (CV : Kentaro Ito) is shown right after the video begins, and the word " covenant " also appears in the video.
It seems that the Phantom Society is collecting "covenants"...but we will find out their purpose later.
In addition to the characters already introduced in the PV, new characters also appear in the PV, and I'm curious about them as well.
If it is "Kuzuha" in Devil Summoner, I would expect to see someone related to " him "...but let's wait for further information!
The official site has also been updated in conjunction with the release of PV02.
In addition to the new character pages for "Iron Mask," "Zenon," and "Ichiro Onda," the detail page for "Ring o" has also been released.
In addition to viewing Ringo's profile, 3D model, andoutfit, you can also view information on Ringo's COMP " Antikythera ".
In addition, by clicking on " TALK," Ringo will talk to you, and you can post what he says to Twitter.
Click "TALK" and "RELOAD" to hear what Ringo has to say!
For more information, please visit the official "Soul Hackers 2" website!


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The official site of devil summoner series latest work "Soul Hackers 2" is updated! New information is released!
The official site of devil summoner series latest work "Soul Hackers 2" is updat...

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