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This is a gaming bank! Sony Bank conducts "PlayStation 5" gift campaign by opening an account!

これぞゲーミング銀行!ソニー銀行が口座開設で「PlayStation 5」プレゼントキャンペーンを実施!

Sony Bank, a Sony Group company that produces the PlayStation game console and the Xperia, the perfect mobile gaming device, has announced that between Monday, April 19, 2021 and Wednesday, June 30, 2021, those who open a Sony Bank account and meet the requirements will be eligible to win a " PlayStation®5" to 20 lucky winners.

The conditions are as follows

  • 1. Apply for "Sony Bank WALLET" at the same time as opening a Sony Bank account during the campaign period.
    Sony Bank WALLET / "PlayStation" design, ANA Mileage Club / Sony Bank WALLET, and Takashimaya Platinum Debit Card are also eligible.
  • 2. To apply from the seminar/questionnaire/giveaway screen.
  • 3. Have a balance of at least 100,000 yen in your Yen deposit account (savings, time deposit, or accumulated time deposit) as of 23:59 on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

If you meet the above requirements, log in to the service site during the campaign period and enter the "2021 New Life Account Opening Campaign" from the "Seminars, Surveys, and Presents" menu to be entered into the drawing for a "PlayStation®5" present! You can enter the drawing for a "PlayStation®5" present!
The Sony Bank WALLET debit card is a favorite of many of our editors, including LAN Cable Man.
The "PlayStation®5" will be the model with a disk drive, and the winner will receive the present to his/her registered address in mid-September 2021!

Sony Bank WALLET" is Visa-branded and can be used at any Visa member store, and gamers will receive 2% cash back every month from PlayStation Store purchases and automatically receive 3% off purchases at Sony Store. There are so many great perks for gamers!

If you open an account at Sony Bank and win the "PlayStation®5", you can use your "Sony Bank WALLET" to purchase and enjoy games at the "PlayStation Store"...!
It is no exaggeration to say that Sony Bank WALLET is a "Gaming Bank ".

If you already have a Sony Bank account but would like to apply...

Sony Bank

Sony Bank is a bank owned by Sony, the company that produces PlayStation, so many gamers already have a Sony Bank account, right?
If you already have an account with Sony Bank by April 18, 2021 (Sun.), you can apply for the "2021 New Life Sony Bank WALLET Campaign" by fulfilling the following conditions between April 19, 2021 (Mon.) and June 30, 2021 (Wed.), and 30 lucky winners will be selected in a drawing. The campaign is also running a drawing for 30 winners to receive a "PlayStation®5" by fulfilling the following conditions.

The conditions for those who have already opened an account are as follows

  • 1. Those who already have an account or those who have applied to open an account by April 18, 2021 (Sun.)
  • 2. To apply from the seminar, survey, and present screen.
  • 3. Spend a total of 100,000 yen or more on purchases in Japan with Sony Bank WALLET.
    Sony Bank WALLET / "PlayStation" design, ANA Mileage Club / Sony Bank WALLET and Takashimaya Platinum Debit Card are also eligible.
Sony Bank

Sony Bank WALLET also has a "PlayStation" design card, so those who want to open an account at Sony Bank to get a "PlayStation®5" are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are planning to open an account with Sony Bank because you want to get "PlayStation®5", or if you have already opened an account, why not apply for it?

Create Sony Bank WALLET

Please note the following

The gift will be sent to your registered address.
Please make sure that your name and address are correct when you open your bank account.
If your information has changed, you will need to change your customer information.
Please note that if your registered address or name is incorrect, the gift will not be resent if it is returned due to your absence.

Also, if your Sony Bank account is closed at the time of the gift offer, you will not be eligible.
If Sony Bank deems the gift to be fraudulent, it will not be eligible for this campaign.
The campaign period, conditions, and other campaign details are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
Switching from a regular cash card to a debit card "Sony Bank WALLET" is not eligible for this campaign.

For more details, check out Sony Bank's New Year 2021 Account Opening Campaign and New Year 2021 Sony Bank WALLET Campaign!


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Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japan!
Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japa...

If you are new to Japan and do not have or cannot get a Japanese credit card, open an account at a Japanese online bank and get a debit card first!

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