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Sony Bank will give you 500 yen as a gift for opening an account! We will conduct a mission completion campaign where 60 people will win "PlayStation Store Ticket 3,000 yen" by lottery!

ソニー銀行で口座開設するともれなく現金500円をプレゼント!抽選で「プレイステーション ストアチケット3,000円分」が当たるミッションコンプリートキャンペーンを実施!

Sony Bank, a member of the Sony Group, which is the leading provider of PlayStation game consoles and Xperia, a mobile gaming platform, has launched the Mission Complete Campaign, offering 500 yen in cash to anyone who opens an account during the campaign period, and 60 lucky winners will be selected in a drawing from among those who meet the requirements. Store Ticket worth 3,000 yen" to 60 winners who fulfill the conditions of the campaign.

Mission Complete Campaign


Mission 1: Win 500 yen in cash!

From July 19, 2022 (Tue.) to September 30, 2022 (Fri.), open a Sony Bank WALLET account and use the " Sony Bank WALLET / " PlayStation " design at the same time by clicking "Join Campaign and Proceed to Open Account" on the Sony Bank Campaign page. PlayStation "Design" and complete the account opening by October 31, 2022 (Mon.), you will receive 500 yen in cash!
Those who are eligible will be sent an email regarding the deposit in advance, so be sure to check the email carefully.
The gift will be credited to your Sony Bank Yen Savings account by late November 2022.

60 winners will be selected by lottery for Mission2!

Sixty winners will be selected by drawing from among those who have completed Mission 1 and have a balance of at least 10,000 yen in their Yen Savings Account as of 23:59 on Monday, October 31, 2022 to win a " PlayStation Store Ticket worth 3,000 yen!
As with Mission 1, the winners will receive a code number (12 digits) to their registered email address, so be sure to check your email settings in advance!
The gift will be sent to the winner by late November 2022.
Store tickets will be available in November before Christmas, so be sure to use them as gifts for your children, friends, or yourself!
For more details and to apply for this campaign, please visit Sony Bank's campaign page.


Take this opportunity to get a "PlayStation Design" card!

Sony Bank WALLET / “PlayStation”デザインソニー銀行

Sony Bank WALLET offers many benefits to gamers, such as 2% cash back on PlayStation Network / PlayStation Store purchases and 3% discount on purchases made at Sony Store (online and in-store). Why not take this opportunity to create a "PlayStation Design" card?



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Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japan!
Debit card no screening required! Bank for gamers recommended for foreigners visiting Japa...

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