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Gaming Xperia appeared!? Sony will release "Xperia Announcement" on September 12th!

ゲーミングXperiaが登場か!?Sonyが9月12日に「Xperia Announcement」を配信!

Sony " is a leading Japanese company that provides many world-class products and services such as audio, cameras, TVs, monitors, and PlayStation.
In the world of gamers, Sony is most commonly associated with PlayStation, but the company has recently launched its own gaming brand, INZONE, and is also focusing on gaming devices such as gaming headsets and gaming monitors.
And speaking of Sony, we must not forget the " Xperia " Android smartphone!
Sony's flagship models in particular are the most powerful and high-performance models available at the time, and they seem to bring together all of Sony's strengths in camera, audio, display, and other areas.
Although Xperia is equipped with the " Game Enhancer," which is packed with game-specific functions, it is not as good as other manufacturers' "gaming smartphones" on the market. However!
But now! Sony is not resting on its laurels!
Finally, Sony is going to announce a gaming Xperia!

Born To Game!

Sony has announced that the " Xperia Announcement " will be delivered on Monday, September 12, 2022 at 13: 00!
The announcement is titled " Born To Game " and is a new product developed with professional eSports players and created for gaming.
And the teaser video that has already been released states " Xperia's gaming gear is finally announced! This is a new product that was developed with professional e-sports players and created for gaming.
The Xperia has been a monster with its specs up until now, but what will it be like when it specializes in gaming?
Subscribe to Sony | Xperia's official YouTube channel to witness it in real time!


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