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Sonic × Dog God! "Soni × Koro 2022" Collaboration Cafe will be held!

ソニック × 戌神ころね!「ソニ × ころ2022」コラボカフェの開催が決定!

Sonic Front ier" is about a month away from its worldwide release on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday).
This is the latest title in Sega's "Sonic the Hedgehog" series, which is popular worldwide, and the first completely new title since "Sonic Forces" in about five years. The attention from fans has been high, and SEGA has also put a lot of effort into the game.
The game was the main attraction at the Sega/Atlas booth at the recently held "Tokyo Game Show 2022," and in-store trial events will be held in five cities across Japan from October 2022, giving people a chance to play the game before its release.
And best of all, VTuber "In ugamikorone" (@inugamikorone) from hololive has been appointed as an official ambassador of Sonic, and the "Inugamikorone" collaboration store bonus will be available at the "Sonic Frontier" as well. DLC "SE:Korone Inugami" is also available in "Sonic Frontier".
You can get some crazy perks such as DLC " SE: Korone Inugami " and DLC " Korone Sukie ".
Sonic has been on the offensive so far, and he is not going to settle down here, he is going to accelerate!
Sonic and Korone Inugami's collaboration café will be held from November 21!


The event will start on November 21! Key visual revealed!

"ソニ × ころ2022"コラボカフェ キービジュアル
Key visual for the "SONI x Koro2022" collaboration cafe
"ソニ × ころ2022"コラボカフェ ティザーサイト

The long-awaited "Sonic x Koro 2022" collaboration café event will be held to promote Sonic and Korone Inugami's collaboration project "Sonic x Koro 2022"! A key visual has been unveiled.
The "Soni-Koro2022" special collaboration visual features Korone Inugami playing Dreamcast with a plush Sonic toy.
The visual memory and the Puru-Puru-Pack are both attached to the controller, so I guess she is playing " Sonic Adventure "?
As for the contents of the collaboration café, it has been announced that collaboration food and drinks will be sold and original goods will be sold, but more details will be announced later.
The event will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo, from November 21, 2022 (Monday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday), after the release of "Sonic Frontier," so it should be a very lively event.
Reservations are scheduled to begin around the end of October 2022, so more details will be announced soon!
Let's adjust our schedule and wait for further information!
Please check the SONIC CHANNEL topic for more details!


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