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The music of the concert "Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony" commemorating sonic 30th anniversary is being distributed well!

ソニック30周年を記念したコンサート「Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony」の楽曲が好評配信中!

Sonic Colors Ultimate", the latest title in the Sonic series, was released in September last month, and is the signature character of the Sega Group's " Sonic Series ".
The soundtrack of " Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony," an orchestral concert held in June 2021 to commemorate Sonic's 30th anniversary, is now available on "Spotify," "Apple Music&quot The soundtrack is now available on subscription music distribution services such as "Spotify", "Apple Music"" and various distribution sites such as Recochoku!
Popular songs from the series are performed by full orchestras and bands, and the well-received concerts can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere as sound recordings.

Popular songs from the series performed by full orchestra and band!

Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony

25 of the most popular songs from the series are available for download.

  1. 01. Sonic the Hedgehog Medley [Live]
  2. 02. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Medley [Live]
  3. 03. Sonic Game Gear Medley [Live] 04.
  4. 04. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Medley [Live] 05.
  5. 05. Sonic Mania Medley [Live] 06.
  6. 06. Sonic SEGA Saturn Medley [Live] 07.
  7. 07. Believe In Myself ~ It Doesn't Matter [Live] 08.
  8. 08. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Medley [Live] 09.
  9. 09. Sonic World Adventure Medley [Live] 10.
  10. 10. Sonic Lost World Medley [Live] 11.
  11. Sonic Forces Medley [Live] 12.
  12. 12. Sonic Colors Medley [Live] 13.
  13. 13. Chao Garden - Neutral (30th Anniversary Ver.) [Live] 14.
  14. 14. Reach For the Stars (Re-Colors) [Live] 15.
  15. 15. Speak With Your Heart [Live] 16.
  16. 16. Endless Possibility [Live] 17.
  17. 17. Open Your Heart [Live] 18.
  18. 18. Sonic Heroes [Live] 19.
  19. 19. Green Light Ride [Live] 20.
  20. 20. Sonic Boom [Live] 21.
  21. I Am... All Of Me [Live] 22.
  22. 22. Knight of the Wind [Live] 23.
  23. 23. Escape From the City [Live] 24.
  24. 24. Live & Learn [Live] 25.
  25. Friends (Orchestral Ver.) [Live] 25.

The contents of this program can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, including not only those who love the Sonic series, but also those who enjoy listening to music, orchestral and band music.
Why don't you take this opportunity to listen to the music while playing the game, even if you have never played the Sonic series before?
For a list of distribution services and to listen to the songs, please check out the various distribution sites!

The video of the concert held in June 2021 is now available on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel.


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Aoi Yuki speaks and screams! ? New WebCM of "Sonic Colors Ultimate" released!
Aoi Yuki speaks and screams! ? New WebCM of "Sonic Colors Ultimate" released!...

"SONIKKUKARAZUARUTIMETTO" it's expected to sell on Thursday on September 9, 2021 As the title by which 30th anniversary of "the sonic hedgehog&qu