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Sonic Birthday! Official program "Sonic Station LIVE! with Yuuki Aoi "June 24 (Thu) 20:00- Live broadcast!

ソニック生誕祭!公式番組「ソニックステーションLIVE! with 悠木碧」6月24(木)20:00〜生放送!

Sonic the Hedgehog ", a long-time fan favorite and one of Sega's most popular characters, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021!
The latest title in the series, " Sonic Colors Ultimate," was announced last month and will be released on September 9, 2021 (Thursday)!
While we are eagerly awaiting its release, we have received a new announcement from SEGA!

Sonic Station LIVE! with Aoi Yuuki ", an official program of the "Sonic" series, will be broadcast live on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.!

超音速針鼠がさらにカラフルに進化!「ソニックカラーズ アルティメット」発売決定!

What is "Sonic Station LIVE!

ソニックステーションLIVE! with 悠木碧
Sonic Station LIVE!

Sonic Station LIVE!" is a program in which Sonic's development team will provide various information about the supersonic hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, in a relaxed manner.
Since the last broadcast on December 23, 2020 (Wednesday ), the program has switched to irregular broadcasts, but this time, in commemoration of Sonic's 30th birthday this year, a live broadcast has been decided as a Birthday Special!

Guest MC: Aoi Yuuki!

The program will be hosted by Kazuyuki Hoshino, Creative Director of "Sonic" and Jun Segami, Sound Director of "Sonic" series.
Also, voice actress Aoi Yuuki, who has appeared in past titles and is an avowed fan of the "Sonic" series, will appear on the show as a guest MC!
In addition, Tomoya Otani, sound director of the "Sonic" series, will join Jun Segami as a guest to talk about the orchestra concert scheduled to be delivered on the same day as the program!
The latest information about the newest title " Sonic Colors Ultimate," which is now available for pre-order, will also be discussed!
Fans of the "Sonic" series can look forward to the program!

Program Outline

Broadcast Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021 from 20:00
MC: Kazuyuki Hoshino / "Sonic" Creative Director , Jun Segami / "Sonic" Series Sound Director
Guest MC: Aoi Yuuki / Voice Actor
Guest: Tomoya Otani / Sound Director of "Sonic" series

Official Sonic Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SonicOfficialJP
Portal site "SONIC CHANNEL": https: //sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/
Sonic 30th Anniversary Special Site: https://sonic.sega.jp/30th/


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