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With Coronavirus Fears Spreading, SNK Japan Opts for Telecommuting

With Coronavirus Fears Spreading, SNK Japan Opts for Telecommuting

With fears of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading, the Japanese government had requested for schools to close and for companies to allow workers to stay home to telecommute or come in at later times to avoid crowded trains.
Fears of the virus are so high that face masks, antibacterial sprays, and hand cleaners are sold out almost everywhere.

Taking this into account, SNK Japan has also called for its workers to start telecommuting.

Two Weeks of Telecommuting

With its headquarters in Suita-shi, Osaka Prefecture, SNK has turned to telecommuting for all of its workers for the next two weeks starting from March 2nd to March 13th. This is a step to avoid the contracting and spread of the virus amongst workers at the company.
For those in Japan, all telephone support will also stop for during this period.
SNK has said they will make a decision about whether or not to restart their phone support at a later date.

We at funglr Games are wondering how a game company can make telecommuting work, so if we have a chance, we'd like to interview about their telecommuting experience!
We're waiting...

For more information, check out the announcement at SNK's Official Site (Japanese) and stay healthy!

15961With Coronavirus Fears Spreading, SNK Japan Opts for Telecommuting
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