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To Esaka stage! Our SNK also distributes virtual backgrounds for free!


Each game maker is distributing virtual backgrounds that can be used in videoconferences and other events.
As an Atlus fan, I love the image of the Velvet Room from "Persona 5 The Royal".
Finally, SNK has distributed free images for virtual backgrounds on their official SNK Entertainment Twitter account!


Use the stages of classic gaming games as backgrounds!

The images that we have started distributing this time are images of stages from SNK's classic fighting games.
Just by looking at the images, you can even hear the BGM: JAPAN STREET from KOF '98, GENAN SHIRANUI stage from SAMURAI SHODOWN ,Terry Bogart stage from GARO DENSETSU 2 , andGEESE HOWARD stage from GARO DENSETSU SPECIAL!
If you have a boss who would be willing to eat up a videoconference with this as a virtual background, you're sure to get along with him!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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