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Our SNK distributes the second virtual background for free! Now beautiful graphics! NEOGEO BAR too!

オレたちのSNKがバーチャル背景第2弾を無料配布!今度は美麗グラフィック!NEOGEO BARも!

Ole SNK distributed images for virtual backgrounds at video conferences and other events today.
The images of the stages of famous gaming games got us excited.

Next to the nostalgic dots images, the second set of images for virtual backgrounds with beautiful graphics is now available for free on the official SNK Entertainment Twitter account!


Beautiful high-resolution images


This time we distributed beautiful images of KOF,SAMURAI SPIRITS, andNEOGEO!
The first batch was lo-fi in the best sense of the word, but the second batch is the latest in hi-fi!
It's a gap that can be created because of SNK's long history.
It would be fun to have an online drinking party with the NEOGEO BAR background.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

To Esaka stage! Our SNK also distributes virtual backgrounds for free!
To Esaka stage! Our SNK also distributes virtual backgrounds for free!...

The virtual background each game maker can use by a video conference is being distributed. A picture in the velvet room of "persona 5 The Royal" is a