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Sakunahime participation! ? SSB SP spirits event "Rice is power! Tenho's Sakuna Hime "Will Be Held!

サクナヒメ参戦!?スマブラSPでスピリッツイベント「米は力だ! 天穂のサクナヒメ」開催決定!

With the recent entry of " Kazuya " from Namco Bandai's "Tekken" series, Nintendo Switch's " Super Smash Bros.
Kazuya" has the largest variety of attacks in Smash Bros. and it's a challenge just to know all of his moves, but as Masahiro Sakurai(@Sora_Sakurai), director of Smash Bros. Instead, focus on the patterns that you are good at!
On Saturday, July 17, 2021, Smash Bros. SP will be holding the "2021 Online Challenge," the second game commemorating Kazuya's entry in the series.
The hit rice farmer, Hime-sama, will make her first appearance in Smash Bros.

テーマは「格闘王」スマブラSP オンラインチャレンジ第2戦 7月17日(土)19時〜開催!

Spirits Event "Rice is Power! The Spirits Event "Rice is Power!

スピリッツイベント"米は力だ! 天穂のサクナヒメ"
Spirits Event "Rice is Power! Sakuna Hime of Tenho".

The Japanese-style rice farming action RPG " SAKUNAHIME of AMAHO," which was released in November 2020 and was a huge hit, will make its first appearance in Smash Bros.
Personally, I would have loved to see him as a fighter in " SAKUNAHIME! " as a fighter, but this time it will be as a Spirits event.
But I never thought I'd see the day when SAKUNAHIME would appear in Smash Bros SP! I'm so excited!

Spirits Event "Rice is Power! The " Sakunahime of Heaven's Ear" Spirits Event will be held for 5 days from July 16, 2021 (Friday ), and during the event, 3 new Spirits of "Sakunahime of Heaven's Ear" will be available.

Spirits "Sakuna Hime

First, of course, there is this one! The main character of " SAKUNAHIME of Heaven's Ear", " SAKUNAHIME "!
She is an attacker with the rank of ACE, and her skill is to strengthen striking items.

Spirits "Kokorowahime

Next is Sakunahime's best friend! The senior god of wheels and inventions, " Kokorowahime "!
She is a supporter with the rank of HOPE, and her skill is weapon attack enhancement.

Spirits "Tama Grandpa

And lastly, the caretaker of Sakunahime, " Tamae ", who is actually the strongest divine sword in Yanat, the "Star Spirit Sword"!
He is a supporter with the rank of NOVICE, and his skill is to extend the change time.

All three characters are very important in the "Sakunahime of Amaho," and we hope to win all three!
This event also coincides with the second round of the "2021 Online Challenge," but it's the weekend, so you should be able to get your hands on all three!
And if you know " Sakunahime of Tenho " for the first time in this Spirits Event, please take this opportunity to play it!
Spirits Event "Rice is Power! Let's polish up our skills and wait for the Spirits Event "Rice is Power!


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