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Win the gimmick-rich stage! "The 4th SSB SP Online Challenge Finals" broadcast decision!

ギミック豊富なステージを勝ち抜け!「第4回 スマブラSP オンラインチャレンジ 決勝大会」放送決定!

The " 4th Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge " was held on Saturday, October 24, 2020 to commemorate the entry of the new fighters "Steve/Alex" in Super Smash Bros.
The rules of the challenge were to randomly select a stage from the regular stages so that players could use "Steve/Alex" as much as they wanted, as the materials mined differ depending on the terrain. I hope you found the stage that you are good at when you use "Steve/Alex" yourself.
This is the fourth "Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge", and this time, the final competition will be held again for the top challengers with the highest scores !
The tournament will be broadcast live on TV!

A tournament of 8 players

The " 4th Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge Final " will be a tournament of 8 top challengers who have won the top ranking in the "4th Online Challenge" qualifier on October 24th (Saturday) and have announced their participation!
All of them won the fierce battles in the random and gimmicky stages of the qualifiers and earned a tournament score of 27,000 points or more!
We can't wait to see how the battle unfolds!


The rules for the finals are 2 battles in each match.
Number of stocks : 3, time limit : 5 minutes,items available, charge trump cards available.
Stages are random ( except for some), no stage changes, andstage gimmicks, so the rules are highly uncertain, so it should be a spectacle!


The final tournament will be held on November 15!

The 4th Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge Final will be broadcast live on Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 18:00!
The broadcast will take place on YouTube Live andOPENREC.tv, with former Teresa announcer Kosuke Hiraiwa providing the play-by-play commentary, and 9B and his trusty partner, 9B, providing the commentary!
Even those who have never watched a live stream of the tournament before will be able to enjoy the commentary, so be sure to tune in!

平岩康佑さん(左) 9Bさん(右)
Kosuke Hiraiwa (left) 9B (right)

This is the fourth "Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge" that started in February 2020.
This could be the last online challenge of the year, so be sure to tune in and watch the birth of the 4th champion!
For more details, please check the Nintendo website!


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SSB SP "Steve / Alex's Way to Use" released! Introducing super unique operation!
SSB SP "Steve / Alex's Way to Use" released! Introducing super unique operation!...

Entry into the war from Minecraft which is really in Nintendo Switch "a big scuffle smash, SPECIAL of brothers"! The world was surprised, wasn't it? I

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