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SSB SP "How to use Sephiros" released! Introducing the contents of the announcement!


The Nintendo Switch "Super Smash Bros. Special " (hereafter referred to as "Smash Bros. SP") has taken on a new dimension in 2020 with the "Smash Bros. SP Online Challenge".
New fighters were added in January with " Beret / Beleth," the last fighter added to Fighter Pass Vol. 1, followed by " Mien Mien " in June with the release of Fighter Pass Vol. 2, and " Steve / Alex " in October. We are looking forward to the next additions next year.
We had been thinking that the next addition would come next year, but at "The Game Awards 2020" held on December 11, 2020, it was announced that "Sephiroth" from FINAL FANTASY VII would be joining the game as a new fighter. The announcement was met with great excitement, as Sephiroth is a popular character that has been eagerly awaited.
Additional information, such as how to use the controls and the distribution date, was to be announced in the "How to use Sephiroth , " which is a well-known feature when a new fighter joins the game. Various information has been released!

For the first time in a while, we'll be reporting from the studio!

This time, we'll be hearing from Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Bros. SP, but this time from the studio for the first time in a while.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, "How to use Mien Mien" and "How to use Steve / Alex" were recorded alone at Mr. Sakurai's home, so it's been about a year since "How to use Beret / Beleth" was recorded on a certain day in November 2019. It had been about a year since the recording of "Beret/Beres no Tsukata" on a certain day in November 2019.
The layout looks the same at a quick glance, but we will be using a larger studio than usual, and each staff member will have their own social distance to prevent infection!

Take precautions against infection!

First of all, let's take a look at the new Mii fighter costumes!

We thought we were going to start with "How to use Sephiroth," but this time we're going to start with the additional Mii fighter costumes!

Usually, the additional Mii fighter costumes are introduced towards the end of the broadcast, so I was surprised at the sudden announcement.
The following 5 costumes will be added to the 8th batch!

  • Barrett [Fuku/shooting] (FINAL FANTASY VII)
  • Tifa [Fuku/Fighting] (FINAL FANTASY VII)
  • Aerith [armor/swordplay] (FINAL FANTASY VII)
  • Chocobo [hat] (FINAL FANTASY)
  • Gino [shooting] (Super Mario RPG)

I'm happy to see Gino from Super Mario RPG, though I'm playing more FF VII to match the additional fighter "Sephiroth"! Gino Cutter!

Barrett, Tifa, and Aerith's costumes don't include their hairstyles, so you'll have to adjust them to your liking.
"Mii Fighter Costume #8" will be available on Wednesday, December 23, 2020! The price is still a bargain at 81 yen each!

What is "Sephiroth" anyway?

What is "Sephiroth"?

It's a character so popular that it's taken for granted that you know who he is, but there are some people who say they don't know who Sephiroth is.
Sephiroth " is a legendary soldier who appeared in " Final Fantasy VII," the first original version of which was released on PlayStation in 1997.
He is probably one of the most famous boss characters in the world, so much so that even those who have not played FF VII know the character.
I 'm not going to go into too much more detail about him, since "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE," which was released in April 2020, is not yet complete !
I am afraid that anything I say will be a spoiler because of the importance of the character!
The "Sephiroth" movie is based on the " Final Fantasy VII Advent Children " movie that was released in 2005, and the graphics are more beautiful than the original version.
As Mr. Sakurai mentioned, the previous version was "Steve / Alex" from Minecraft, so the dynamic range is very interesting!

What is "Sephiroth"?

The main topic, "How to use Sephiroth.

I'm going to introduce the main topic, "How to use Sephiroth"!
I would normally show you how to use Sephiroth in detail in funglr games, but there are other announcements and I thought it might be difficult to see them, so I'm going to make a separate article from this time on!
We'll be showing you how to control "Sephiroth" in a separate article so that you can easily see it while actually playing Smash Bros.
Please wait a little longer for the release of this article!

New Stage "North Hollow

The new stage that will be released along with "Sephiroth" is the " Great Northern Hollow".
It is a simple stage with a background that follows the story.
A word of warning, the story in the background includes the final stages of FF VII!
If you haven't played FF VII yet and are about to do so, or if you say you are playing FF VII starting with FF VII REMAKE... use your own judgment!
This is just the endgame of the original FF VII, so FF VII REMAKE may not be the same as the original... maybe?

New stage "North Hollow

The "Northern Hollow" is modeled after the location where the final battle took place in FF VII.
Mr. Sakurai has explained what kind of stage it is based on the contents of FF VII, but I 'll leave that out of this article for those who are still playing FF VII !
Mr. Sakurai explains the story at the end of FF VII in quite a spoilerish way, so those who haven't played it yet, beware!
This is a cruise stage that follows a story that has never been told before, so those who have already played FF VII will love it.

Sephiroth for your viewing pleasure!

As we've come to expect every time, Mr. Sakurai will be giving us a taster of Sephiroth!
Mr. Sakurai always shows us his technique, but what kind of battle will he show us this time?
Play Boss Rush, in which a large number of boss characters appear at the honky-tonk level of the winner-takes-all brawl!
See for yourself what kind of battles will unfold!

Nine FF songs! Included songs!

This time, 9 new songs will be added.

Included music

Four of them are new arrangements.
We have only had two FF songs so far, but that doesn't mean that Square Enix won't provide us with songs, but they want us to know that it's a difficult process to get permission to provide songs for other works so that there are no problems in the world.
Please understand that it's just a little strange for Smash to be receiving music from so many other works!

Smash is just a little bit crazy!

Delivered on Christmas Eve Eve, December 23rd!

セフィロス セット
Sephiroth Set

Paid additional content " Sephiroth Set " will be distributed on Christmas Eve, December 23, 2020 (Wednesday )! The price for a stand-alone purchase will be 662 yen (tax included).
Of course, it is included in the Fighter Pass Vol. 2, so those who have already purchased it will be able to use it as soon as the delivery date comes!
The delivery date is December 23rd, but due to circumstances described below, the "Sephiroth Set" will be on sale from December 18, 2020 (Friday), so you can purchase it in advance if you want to buy it separately.

Sephiroth Challenge" is now open for a limited time!

Sephiroth" is the boss of FF VII, and since there are so many characters in Smash Bros.

Buried in the...

We wanted to highlight the strength of Sephiroth as a boss, so we decided to hold the " Sephiroth Challenge"!

Sephiroth Challenge

Sephiroth Challenge" is a limited time mode in which players can choose from three difficulty levels, "EASY," "NORMAL," and "VERY HARD," to challenge "Sephiroth.

Sephiroth Challenge

If you can win "Sephiroth", you will be able to use "Sephiroth" and the "Northern Cavern" stage earlier than the official release date of December 23.
The "EASY" and "NORMAL" stages are fairly easy, but the " VERY HARD" stage is quite difficult, so if you are confident in your skills, you should try the "VERY HARD" stage!

Sephiroth Challenge

Sephiroth Challenge" will be held from December 18, 2020 (Fri.) to December 23, 2020 (Wed.) 10:00 a.m.!
Please note that you need to purchase Fighter Pass Vol. 2 or "Sephiroth Set" separately to take part in the challenge.
This is the reason why "Sephiroth Set" can be purchased before the distribution.
Let's beat Sephiroth and try using Sephiroth first!

Sephiroth Challenge

There will be an update on December 23rd!

Other than the "Sephiroth Challenge," various updates will take place on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.
There will also be an update for Cloud, but that will also be available on December 23, so wait a little longer!
In addition, the "Battlefield," "Small Battlefield," "Large Battlefield," and "Endpoint" will allow users to choose between the "All Song Selection" and "Ole Song Selection" methods of selection.

Sephiroth Challenge music selection raffle

All songs in "All Songs Lottery" and "Stage Select" will be available for all songs in all stages.
If you switch the menu to "Select my song" and select a battlefield, the song will be selected from the "Select my song" of the battlefield.
Smash Bros. SP is getting easier and easier to play with every update. That's how much the developers are thinking about the users! Thank you!
I also want to thank you for all the hard work you put into the recording of "How to use Sephiroth" because of the equipment trouble! Mr. Sakurai and all the staff, thank you so much for your hard work!

For more information on "Super Smash Bros. Special," please check the official website!
Please look forward to the "Sephiroth" operation manual that will be posted on funglr Games at a later date~!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

SSB SP's new fighter announced! "Sephiros" participation decision from FF VII!
SSB SP's new fighter announced! "Sephiros" participation decision from FF VII!...

"Steve/Alex" but it's announced urgently that formal Twitter of Suma bra releases new Fighter in "The Game Awards 2020" held on Japan time F

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