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SSB SP "Homura / How to use Hikari" released! Summary of the presentation contents!


On February 18, 2021, "Nintendo Direct 2021.2.18" announced that Homura andHikari from Xenoblade 2 will join " Super Smash Bros.
On February 25th, the well-known "How to Use" broadcast date and time was announced, and many of you have been looking forward to that day!
Sorry to keep you waiting! Finally, on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 23:00, "How to use Homura/Hikari" will be released!
Since it would take a lot of time to introduce all of the contents, we'd like to share with you the contents of the "How to use Homura/Hikari" broadcast!

This time, we'll be reporting from Sakurai D's home!

Smash Bros. SP Director Masahiro Sakurai

As always, Smash Bros. SP director Masahiro Sak urai (@Sora_Sakurai) will be bringing you "How to use Homura/Hikari ".
The previous episode, "How to Use Sephiroth," was recorded in a studio with thorough infection prevention measures in place, but this time the recording will take place in mid-January 2021.
This time, however, the recording will take place in mid-January 2021, when a state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.
Therefore, this time, as in "How to use Steve/Alex" and "How to use Mien Mien," the recording will be done by Mr. Sakurai alone at his home.
Let's watch "How to use Homura/Hikari" to appreciate his hard work!

What is Xenoblade 2?

What is Xenoblade 2?

Homura and Hikari, who will be participating in Smash Bros. SP, are characters from "Xenoblade 2," so let's start with a brief explanation of "Xenoblade 2.
"Xenoblade 2 " is a Nintendo Switch RPG titleproduced by Monolith Soft and released in December 2017.
Monolith Soft is also involved in the development of Nintendo titles, and at the time of developing "Xenoblade 2," they were also assisting in the development of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."
As Mr. Sakurai mentioned, the amount of work involved and how they managed to put it all together is beyond question. I'm impressed!

What is Xenoblade 2?

Xenoblade 2" is the story of a world where there is a " Blade " of subspecies life forms and its counterpart " Driver ".
The main character " Rex " is a Driver, and Homura and Hikari, who are participating in Smash Bros.
The video briefly touches on the content of the story, but if you haven't played the game yet, wouldn't you like to play the original story?
For those who have not yet played the game, you can purchase the downloadable version of "Xenoblade 2" at a whopping 30% off on My Nintendo Store and Nintendo eShop from March 5, 2021 (Fri.) 0:00 to March 14, 2021 (Sun.) 23:59. Nintendo Switch Spring Sale" is now being held!
Why don't you purchase it at a discount and enjoy the world of "Xenoblade 2" while getting to know Homura and Hikari?
If we were to give a rough description of their personalities, Homura is " dere" and Hikari is " tsun, " but if you play the main story, you will surely understand!

スマブラSP参戦のあのキャラクターのタイトルも!「Nintendo Switch スプリングセール」開催決定!

New Stage "Cloud Sea of Arst

Now, before we get to the main topic of how to use "Homura/Hikari," let's start with an introduction to the new stage.
The new stage added this time is "Sea of Clouds in Arusto".
In the world of "Xenoblade 2", "Arst", most of the world is covered by a sea of clouds, and people live on " Ars ", a giant god's servant called "Giant God Beast".
The new stage "Sea of Clouds in Arust" recreates this worldview, and is based on the motif of "Jicchan," or Seiryu's back.
What is "Jicchan"? If you are wondering what "Jicchan" is, please play the original!

New Stage "Cloud Sea of Arst

In the distant background, the Gigantic Beasts of Avaritia, Gura, Invidia, Sperubia, Luxuria, and Arcadia from the original story appear, while the traveling companions make guest appearances in the background.
The driver and blades appear in pairs, making the game even more enjoyable for those who have played the original.

New stage "Sea of Clouds in Arst

The stage features the whims of the Seiryu.
The stage has ups and downs as he raises and lowers his head, and a Giant God Beast appears in the distance.

New Stage "Sea of Clouds in Arst

When a Giant God Beast appears in the distance, it looks away and narrows the stage.

New Stage "Sea of Clouds in Arst" (Japanese only)

If the Giant Beast looks away when you are about to return to the stage, you may not be able to return in time, so be careful.

New Stage "Arusto's Sea of Clouds" (Japanese only)

Before the beast looks away, there will be some warning signs such as the seiryu shaking its head, the whistle blowing, or the windmill spinning, so take advantage of these signs!

New Stage "Arusto's Sea of Clouds" (Japanese only)

The battlefield and endpoint conversion will be on the original platform, so don't worry about the jitters.

New Stage "Sea of Clouds at Arusto" (Japanese only)

The main story! How to use Homura/Hikari" will be in another article!

As for the main topic, how to use Homura and Hikari, I'd like to introduce them in another article just like I introduced "How to use Sephiroth" in the previous article!
This article will be longer, especially since it will cover almost two characters, so it will be easier to read!
I will try to explain each action as clearly as possible, so please wait a little while!
We will also show you the usual taster play by Mr. Sakurai, since we think you will enjoy it more after you know the actions.

The music included in the game!

Included Music

A total of 16 songs, including 3 new arrangements, will be added to the game.
Three songs from "Xenoblade 2" are already included, so there are 19 songs in total.
The songs can be adapted to the Xenoblade series.
With the addition of the new songs, the songs in "Gaul Plains" will be set to the first song, and the songs in "Cloud Sea of Arst" will be set to the second song as the main ore songs.
Therefore, after the update, the probability of the "Orebic" songs will change, so readjust your settings!
The victory fanfare will be an arrangement of the battle song.

The bonus spirit board!

We will be adding a bonus spirit board to the game as well!
The "Rex" and others were already implemented, but after the update, the BGM will be replaced with that of "Xenoblade 2".
And "Hana JS" has a new theme, so let's challenge it!

Spirits Board

The new spirit boards are "Shin," "Metsu," "Laura," "Melbeni," and "Pneuma," but they contain some spoilers, so they are mosaicked in the video.
Those who are going to play "Xenoblade 2" may need to be a little careful.

Spirits Board

Pneuma" is a character for which no official artwork exists, but it was designed by Masatsugu Saito(@_saitomasatsugu) and finished by Monolith Soft for Smash Bros. What a surprise!
If you've already played Xenoblade 2, check it out right away, and if you haven't played it yet, check it out after!


If you've already played Xenoblade 2, you'll want to check it out right away, and if you haven't played it yet, check it out afterwards!
Master Driver is a word that may be of interest to you, but since this too contains spoilers, the image is a mosaic! I'll spare you the explanation!

Rex(Master Driver)

Additional Mii Fighter Costumes Now Available!

The ninth additional Mii Fighter Cost ume is now available!

  • Hunter Equipment [Swordsmanship]: Monster Hunter
  • Reus Equipment [Swordsmanship]: Monster Hunter
  • Airou [hat]: Monster Hunter
  • Arthur [swordsmanship]: Makai-mura

... and four costumes from Capcom's works.
With "Monster Rise" coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26 and "The Return of Makai Mura" on February 25, this is perfect timing!
Arthur doesn't seem to lose his armor after one hit.
The 9th additional Mii Fighter Costume is priced at 81 yen each (tax included), which as always is an unbeatable price! They will be distributed on the same day as the "Homura/Hikari" costumes!

The delivery date is March 5!

Rex(Master Driver)

Now, the delivery date of "Homura/Hikari" will be March 5, 2021 (Friday), which means you can already use them! In other words, you can already use them!
The paid additional content "Homura/Hikari Set" will be available for 662 yen (tax included) as a stand-alone item. Of course, it is included in Fighter Pass Vol. 2, so those who have already purchased it can download it immediately.
An update data (Ver. 11.0) was also distributed on the same day, and balance adjustments have been made, so be sure to check it out along with Homura/Hikari!

Remarks by Mr. Sakurai

At the end of the video, Mr. Sakurai talked about the development of the game part and the purchase of 3D objects during the development.
It was revealed that the new movie was different from the previous movies, and that Mr. Sakurai had not thought of the movie.
In the past, Mr. Sakurai wrote the script and worked with a production company to make the movie, but this time, Monolith Soft has been entrusted with the task.
The quality, quantity and perfection of the original movies were so high that he felt it was best to leave it to Monolith Soft!
That's why the quality was so good that it could have been played in the original work as it was.
Mr. Sakurai is supervising the work, but he says it is much softer than usual.
Why don't you take a look at the movie again with this in mind?

Only two more fighters remain for the Fighter Pass Vol. 2!

ファイターパス Vol.2
Fighter Pass Vol.2

With the entry of "Homura/Hikari" this time, 4 out of 6 fighters have entered the Fighter Pass Vol. 2, leaving only 2 fighters left.
Both characters are scheduled to be released by the end of 2021, so we can't wait to see what characters will join the game next...but Mr. Sakurai said, "We only have two more chances to show how to use Fat ty.
Will the addition of new Smash Bros. SP fighters be over in just two more episodes? Will they announce a new Smash Bros. game after Smash Bros. I'm curious, but there's no point in worrying about it now!
Now that the distribution of " Homura/Hikari " has started, let's get the most out of it!
For more information, please check the official "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL" website!
For more information, please check the official website of "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL"!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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