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Participate in "Beret" and "Velez" from "Fire Emblem Fuka Setsugeki" in The Smash Bros. SPECIAL!


Today at 23:00, Nintendo's official channel " 【Smash Bros SP 】? ? How to use the ? It was announced that "Beret" and "Beres" from "Fire Emblem: Snow and Moon" will join Super Smash Bros.

Distribution will start on January 29th!

Beret" and "Beres" will join the game!
【スマブラSP】? ? ? のつかいかた

Beret" and "Beres" will be available on January 29th.

We will write a separate article on how to use "Beret" and "Beres" and on the new stages.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

SSB SP's new fighter to be announced"??? How to use "broadcast decision!
SSB SP's new fighter to be announced"??? How to use "broadcast decision!...

"EVO Japan 2020" which is held on "great scuffle smash brothers SPECIAL" (below Suma bra SP) January 24, 2020 when it isn't learned from sa

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