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The 9th "SSB Art Dojo" will be held to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The theme of this time is "#歴史"


The Nintendo Switch "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL " (hereafter referred to as "Smash Bros. SP") has been a big hit since the 3rd online battle finals were held on September 5, 2020 (Saturday).
The 9th Smash Bros. SP " Smash Bros. Painting Dojo," a regular Smash Bros. SP event, was held using the camera function of Smash Bros.

The theme for the 9th event was "#History".

The theme for this year's contest, which coincides with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

The theme of the 9th "Smash Bros. Art Dojo" will be " #History " to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.
All you have to do to participate in the Smash Bros.
Based on the number of likes, the Smash Bros. The official Smash Bros.
After the event is over, the retweeted images will be accompanied by a comment from Masahiro Sakurai, director of Smash Bros. SP, and will be featured on Nintendo's website and in the " News" section of the game.

Outline of the 9th Smash Bros.
Subject #History
Application period September 13, 2020 (Sun.) 23:59 (Japan time)
If you want to submit a photo Post a photo with the theme, a few words of comment , and the hashtags " #Smash Bros.
Only photos taken with the "Smash Bros. SP" camera function and posted from a Nintendo Switch console will be considered.
For video submissions Create a video of 40 seconds or less that matches the theme, and upload it to the video URL (which can be obtained from the " Smaplus " app in the "Nintendo Switch Online" app for smartphones), along with a short comment, the words " #Smash Bros. quot; #History " and post it on Twitter from your smartphone.
The judging is limited to videos created by the submitter themselves using the video editing function of "Smash Bros.
Remarks All entries with a short comment from Mr. Sakurai will be featured on Nintendo's homepage and in the "News" section of the game at a later date. It may also be featured in other advertising content with the Twitter user's name.
A micro SD card will be required to export the videos. A rights notice will be automatically added to the end of the video when it is exported, so the video must be no longer than 40 seconds, including the rights notice.
A subscription to "Nintendo Switch Online" is required to post videos.
If it is discovered that someone else's work has been posted after a retweet, the retweet or topic may be cancelled.
Images and videos posted with "sensitive content" in the Twitter settings will not be eligible for retweeting.
Instructions for submitting videos

Let's take a cue from the development team and feel free to join in!

Exciting Excavation Site
"Liberty, Equality, Special Flag" in reference to the "Statue of Liberty Leading the People".

Even if all you have to do is take pictures and videos and post them on Twitter, some people may not know what kind of pictures and videos to take.
For those people, images and videos made by the Smash Bros. development team are available for reference.
As you can see from the images and videos created by the development team, there are many ways to interpret the theme of "#History.
Why don't you submit your own unique "#History" images and participate in the Smash Bros.
For more information about the 9th "Smash Bros.


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