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"White Cat GOLF" has reached 300,000 pre-registered users! "750G jewel" gift equivalent to 30 gacha times!


Ltd. announced that the number of pre-registrations for its new smartphone game " Hakuneko GOLF " has surpassed 300,000.
As a reward, "750 G Jewels," equivalent to 30 times of Gacha, have been confirmed for distribution.


Shiroko Neko GOLF" Pre-registration Number Surpasses 300,000!

「白猫GOLF」事前登録者数30万人突破PR TIMES

Ltd.'s new smartphone game "Hakuneko GOLF" is the latest title in the Hakuneko series, which includes "Hakuneko Project NEW WORLD'S" and "Hakuneko Tennis".
The series' well-known and unique characters will appear in real life as professional golfers!
The unique interface of the game offers a realistic golf experience that pursues the fun and depth of the game.
The number of pre-registered players for "Shirokaneko GOLF" has exceeded 300, 000!


As a reward for reaching 300,000 pre-registrations, "750 G Jewels" equivalent to 30 Gacha will be given away!
The reward will be distributed to all playing users who log in after the official service starts.
Pre-registration is still being accepted!
For more details about the game system, please check the official "Hakuneko GOLF" website!

Pre-registration Method

Title Outline
Name Hakuneko GOLF
Genre Golf game
Distribution Date Undecided
Supported devices iOS, Android
Price Free to play (items are charged)


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