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Official report of "Shine Post" 1st mini live event released! The next live performance is scheduled for spring 2022!

「シャインポスト」1stミニライブイベントのオフィシャルレポートが公開!次回ライブは 2022年春予定!

KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Inc. is developing a media mix idol project " Shine Post " based on a novel serialized in Dengeki Bunko.
The first mini live event for "TINGS" was held on November 21 (Sun.) at the " TINGS LIVE JOURNEY ep.00 ~Prelude~ Mini Live Event "Wanna be your SHINEPOST!!!!!" The official report of the "TINGS LIVE JOURNEY ep.00 ~Prelude~" has arrived!
The performance has grown even more since its debut at the "SHINEPOST" major announcement event held last month!


Official report from the 1st mini live event has arrived!

シャインポストKonami Digital Entertainment

The 1st mini live event of the media mix idol project "SHINEPOST" " TINGS LIVE JOURNEY ep.00 ~Prelude~ Mini Live Event "Wanna be your SHINEPOST!!!!!" was held at YOANI Live Station on Sunday, November 21, 2021.
As the title suggests, this first live event was a " departure as TINGS, " and in addition to the local audience, the event was also live-streamed! The event was filled with the spirit of entertaining fans both onsite and via live-streaming!

The concept of the event was "in the process of growing up

The concept of this event was to let the audience enjoy the realistic image of "a theater with a capacity of 100 people and only 30 fans, who are still in their infancy as idols" as depicted in the first volume of the novel "Shine Post". The event was held at ......, but in fact, additional tickets were sold due to the popularity of the show!
To meet the expectations of the audience, Sayumi Suzushiro (playing Haru Aotenokuni), Moeko Kanizawa (playing Anatsu Tamaki), Yuko Natsuyoshi (playing Seimairiou), Rimo Hasegawa (playing Yukine Gionji), and Rika Nakagawa (playing Momiji Ito) showed their performances and talks on stage that had grown even more since the recent unveiling event. The event was a great success.

Before the performance began, a radio program called " Nice to meet you, I'm TINGS! (tentative)", a radio program in which TINGS tries various things. (tentative), in which TINGS tries various things, Suzuyo-san and Natsuyoshi-san tried their hand at announcing shadows!
The two were asked to do the following words from the Nuance Box: "hot," "shy," "hot-blooded," "hungry," "motherly," "sexy," and "furious. The two of them also had a good time announcing the shadows of the audience.

The show is about to begin!

シャインポストKonami Digital Entertainment

The curtain finally rose on the 1st mini live as Overture was shown on the screen with images.
The opening song was " TOKYO WATASHI COLLECTION," which was recently released on the radio. The audience was captivated from the very beginning by the harmony to the girly and fashionable melody that appears in the first volume of the novel, their well-matched formation dance, and their solo parts that were full of individuality!

After singing the first song, the five members of "TINGS", their faces flushed with happiness, introduced their characters, units, and works, and talked about the similarities between their characters and themselves.
The second song was " Be Happy Time! which was also performed for the first time on stage.
The second song, "Be Happy Time!!!," was also performed for the first time on stage, and featured a unique self-introduction part that had the audience clapping along with the song, creating a truly happy time.

A brilliant performance in the planning section!

シャインポストKonami Digital Entertainment

In the middle of the event, the " Haato TINGS " corner was held!
The five members of the TINGS expressed their "feelings drawn from the box" on the "designated word (subject)," and the other members and the audience guessed which of the four options the feelings were. The other members and the audience guessed which of the four options was the emotion.
The five members had to guess the emotion on the box, and the audience guessed which of the four options was the emotion.
There were some scenes where no one could guess the correct answer in the rehearsal, but in the actual performance, they were all surprised to get it right, and there were also some scenes where facial expressions and gestures were used as clues, or where the audience was disappointed to see the emotions they had pulled out of their mouths.

シャインポストKonami Digital Entertainment

The event, which was enlivened by songs and games, was already coming to its end.
The last song was " Be Your Light! The last song was "Be Your Light!", one of the most popular songs of "TINGS", and both the audience and the distribution system were very excited.

Encore & Surprise Announcement!

シャインポストKonami Digital Entertainment

After the show, the audience applauded and commented on the encore. In response to the audience's request, the five members appeared on stage again in their live T-shirts and performed " TOKYO WATASHI COLLECTION " and " Be Your Light! and "Be Your Light!

Finally, a pleasant surprise awaited the five members, who were all smiles as they were at the top of their game.
Everyone in the venue, including TINGS and the audience, exploded with joy.
After each member expressed their happiness, thoughts on the event, feelings of gratitude, and enthusiasm for the future, the memorable 1st live event came to an end with a great success.

Watch out for "Shine Post" in 2022, a year of great progress!

With a live concert scheduled to be held in the spring of 2022 and a TV anime to be broadcast in the summer, next year will be a year of great progress for "Shine Post"!
We, the editorial staff, will be keeping our eyes on the five members as they continue to grow step by step along with their works!

For the latest information on "Shine Post," check out the official "Shine Post" website or follow them on Twitter!


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