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SEGA's blockbuster PS4 "New Sakura Taisen" is 33% in commemoration of the start of anime broadcasting!

SEGAの大ヒット作 PS4「新サクラ大戦」がアニメ放送開始記念で33%!

New Sakura Wars " was released on December 12, 2019 after 14 years.
The author of course played the game, and found that the new battle system, attractive new characters, and the familiar time-limited "LIPS" option are all well integrated into the system and atmosphere of the previous games in the series, making it a good choice for those who have never played the series. I recommend this game even to those who have never played the series before.
Today, April 1, 2020, "New Sakura Wars" will be on sale for a 33% discount!

33% off in celebration of the anime broadcast!

New Sakura Wars" Sale

This sale is in commemoration of the broadcast of "New Sakura Wars the Animation " on TOKYO MX / BS11 from April 3, 2020 (Friday).
This is your chance to save 33% off all qualifying items at the PlayStation Store!
Not only the standard edition of " New Sakura Wars", but also the "New Sakura Wars Digital Del uxe" which includes a songbook and an artbook, and the " New Sakura Wars Season Pass " which includes a variety of costumes are eligible for this offer!
It's a very generous sale that the Digital Deluxe is also included in the sale.
The prices are as follows

Sale ends April 14!

This 33% off sale is only available for two weeks, from Tuesday, April 1, 2020 to Tuesday, April 14, 2020!
This year, due to the new coronavirus, people are in the mood to refrain from cherry blossom viewing, so let's enjoy "New Sakura Wars" through games and anime!
For more information on the sale, please visit the official "New Sakura Wars" website, and for more information on the anime, please visit the official "New Sakura Wars the Animation" website!
A storm of romance in Taishozakura!


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Released today! SEGA "New Sakura Wars" DLC with costumes and accessories such as swimsuits and room clothes announced one after another!
Released today! SEGA "New Sakura Wars" DLC with costumes and accessories such as...

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