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ONKYO's gaming device brand "SHIDO" signs support agreement with "CYCLOPS athlete gaming"

ONKYOのゲーミングデバイスブランド「SHIDO」が「CYCLOPS athlete gaming」とのサポート契約を締結

On July 6, 2020, Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation announced the signing of a support agreement between its gaming device brand " SHIDO " and the professional e-sports team " CYCLOPS athlete gaming " operated by Broadmedia eSports Corporation. Ltd. and the professional e-sports team "CYCLOPS athlete gaming" operated by Broadmedia eSports Corporation .

SHIDO's First Official Supporter

CYCLOPS athlete gaming : SHIDO
CYCLOPS athlete gaming : SHIDO
Twitterアカウント"SHIDO Japan"

SHIDO is a gaming device brand that achieved 1082% of its pre-sale crowdfunding in 2019.
On July 8, 2020, the " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack ", a set of the gaming headset "SHIDO:001" and the USB control amp "SHIDO:002", went on sale to the general public. The fact that the product sold out so quickly when it went on sale to the general public is a testament to the high level of attention it has garnered.
As the e-sports market deepens, SHIDO was impressed by the way CYCLOPS athlete gaming, a professional e-sports team, is taking on the world from Osaka, and has decided to support their activities by signing a contract as the first official supporter of the team. CYCLOPS athlete gaming is a team of athletes from Osaka who are challenging the world.
Through the support of CYCLOPS athlete gaming's activities, SHIDO aims to develop products under the SHIDO brand that can be used not only in everyday gaming, but also in the professional scene, by conducting research on the sound, functions, specifications, and fit required in the professional scene.

Activities as an official supporter include

  • Supply of SHIDO series equipment
  • Supply of SHIDO professional IEMs
  • Supporting players by checking the performance of their equipment
  • Promotion of SHIDO products

We hope to see "CYCLOPS athlete gaming" players using SHIDO products in the near future.
For more information, please visit the official website of "CYCLOPS athlete gaming".


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General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% by crowdfunding!
General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% b...

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