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Shadowverse × Shadowverse?! Shadowverse holds a collaboration event with "Shadowverse Champions Battle"!

Shadowverse × シャドウバース?!Shadowverseが「シャドウバース チャンピオンズバトル」とのコラボイベント開催!

Cygames presents " Shadowverse," an authentic smartphone card battle game
Shadowverse" continues to be a leader in the digital TCG genre, and has been adopted as a game title for many e-sports events such as "RAGE", collaborations with various works, TV anime, manga, radio, etc. Shadowverse" has been used as a game title for many e-sports events such as "RAGE", collaborations with various works, TV anime, manga, radio, etc.
Shadowverse" has announced its next collaboration event! The next collaboration will be with " Shadowverse "!

Shadowverse x Shadowverse

What does "Shadowverse" collaborating with "Shadowverse" mean? We were wondering, "What does it mean that "Shadowverse" is collaborating with " Shadowverse "?

Shadowverse Champions Battle" is a card battle RPG set in the world of the popular "Shadowverse" TV anime.
Players take on the role of the main character in an original story set at Tensei Academy with characters familiar from the TV anime.
The game also features special summoning effects, original cards, and "Premium Rare Cards" from the "Shadowverse Anime Collection Cards" that are linked to the game.
"Shadowverse Champions Battle" is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2020 for 5,980 yen (excluding tax)! For more information, please visit the official website!

Plenty of Collaboration Events

There will be many campaigns in "Shadowverse" in collaboration with "Shadowverse Champions Battle".
Here is a summary of the events!

Leader Skins on Sale!

Starting Thursday, November 5, 2020, you will be able to purchase leader skins for characters appearing in "Shadowverse Battle of Champions"!
The set includes emblems, sleeves, and titles for each leader in the set.
If you purchase the " Leader Skin Set," you will also get a limited edition sleeve, so you might as well go all out and purchase the set.
Check out the videos of Amamiya Mimori and Kurou Alice's leader skins now!
Videos for other characters will be coming soon!

Shadowverse Champions Battle of Champions Set

As a bonus for purchasing "Shadowverse Champions Battle," you will receive a serial code for the " Shadowverse Champions Battle Set " that can be used in "Shadowverse"!
And the contents are gorgeous!

Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトルセット
Shadowverse Battle of Champions Set
"Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトル発売記念コラボ"特設ページ
  • Leader skins (2 kinds)
  • Limited illustration cards (2 kinds)
  • Sleeve (3 kinds)
  • Titles (3 kinds)
  • Emblems (5 kinds)
  • Premium orbs (10)

The following is a list of the items available.
Not only will you be able to enjoy "Shadowverse Champions Battle", but you will also get a super deal on the "Shadowverse" side as well!
Please note that the serial code can only be entered for "Google Play," "DMM Games," and "Steam" versions.

Special Login Bonus

A special login bonus will be offered for logging in for 10 days during the campaign period to receive a Shadowverse Treader Skin T icket and limited emblems and sleeves!
You can get the following bonuses by logging in for 10 days within the period of Monday, November 2, 2020 5:00 - Monday, December 28, 2020 4:59!

    Special Login Bonus
    "Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトル発売記念コラボ"特設ページ
  • Day 1 : Shadowverse Treader Skin Ticket x1
  • 2nd day : Ignis Dragon (Emblem)
  • Day 3 : Reveille's Whirlwind Card Pack Ticket x1
  • Day 4 : Reveille's Whirlwind Card Pack Ticket x1
  • Day 5 : Whirlwind of Reveille Card Pack Ticket x1
  • Day 6 : Ignis Dragon (sleeve)
  • Day 7 : Whirlwind of Reveille Card Pack Ticket x1
  • Day 8 : Whirlwind of Reveille Card Pack Ticket x1
  • Day 9 : Whirlwind of Reveal Card Pack Ticket x1
  • 10th day : Premium Orb x1

The campaign period is long, but be sure to log in and play every day to receive all the rewards!

Limited Reward Campaign

Limited Reward Campaign
"Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトル発売記念コラボ"特設ページ

Various rewards such as limited design emblems and sleeves will be available from treasure chests that appear at a certain probability!
The campaign will run for only 10 days, from Monday, November 9, 2020 at 11:00 to Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 4:59, so be sure to play every day!

Twitter Campaign Held!

To celebrate the release of "Shadowverse Battle of Champions," a Twitter campaign is now underway!
Follow both the official "Shadowverse" TV anime/game Twitter account (@shadowverse_anm) and the official Shadowverse account (@shadowverse_jp). Retweet the following campaign tweet to complete your entry.

This is a big chance to win a paper autographed by Kaede Motowatari, who plays Mimori Amamiya, and a paper autographed by Yui Ogura, who plays Alice Kuroue, for three people each!
It's a pretty narrow gate, but you have to enter!

And as a W-chance, depending on the number of retweets of the campaign tweets, everyone will receive a gorgeous prize!

Twitter Campaign
"Shadowverse チャンピオンズバトル発売記念コラボ"特設ページ

At 6,000, you can win 200 Rupees for "Shadowverse" and2 Classic Card Pack Tick ets for "Shadowverse Battle of Champions".
At 8,000, "Shadowverse" will receive 2 Revil's Whirlwind Card Pack Tickets and "Shadowverse Champions Battle" will receive 2 Darkness Evolve Card Pack Tickets.
At 10,000 RT, "Shadowverse" will receive 1 Premium Orb and "Shadowverse Champions Battle" will receive 2 Bahamut's Descent Card Pack Tickets.
Let's reach 10,000 RTs and get all the gifts!
The application period is until Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 17:59.

Shadowverse on your phone, TV, and Switch!

"Shadowverse Champions Battle" is a card battle RPG, so you can enjoy not only card battles but also RPG elements.
The game is set in the world of the "Shadowverse" TV anime, so if you've seen the anime version, you'll enjoy it even more, and if you play "Shadowverse" on your smartphone, you may have an advantage since you have a head start in card battles.
This collaboration event will not only be a great deal, but it will also allow you to enjoy Shadowverse even more!
For more details, please check the "Shadowverse Champions Battle Launch Collaboration" page on the official Shadowverse website!


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