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Shadowverse's latest card pack "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Destiny" is now available as an additional card!

Shadowverse最新カードパック「Fortune's Hand / 運命の神々」のアディショナルカード配信開始!

Cygames presents "Shadowverse," a full-fledged smartphone eSports game
Shadowverse, which boasts the largest number of players in Japan in the TCG genre, has been on a roll with its 17th card pack, " Fortune's Hand/Gods of Fortune," which was released at the end of June 2020.
It was announced that additional cards for "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fortune" would be added in August 2020, and on Thursday, August 20, 2020, the additional cards were added!

Get 17 additional cards!

The 17 additional cards added to "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fate" include the Legendary " Ellen, the Eternal Radiance " and others.
These cards will broaden your strategy, so get them and build a new deck!
However, you can't get the additional cards without purchasing the card packs.
The " Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fortune" add-on card campaign is now underway, in which the management office will distribute "Gods of Fortune Card Pack Tickets" to you!

"Fortune's Hand / 運命の神々"アディショナルカード提供開始記念キャンペーン
Commemorative Campaign for the Launch of "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fortune" Add-on Cards

Play the game until 23:59 on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, and you will receive 5 "Gods of Fortune Card Pack Tickets"!
The prize is only available to those who have cleared the tutorial and played the game during the period. Well, I guess you could say almost everyone is eligible.

For those who want to play the "Gods of Fortune Card Pack Ticket" as well as the "Gods of Fortune Card Pack Set", which includes 10 packs of "Gods of Fortune", you can purchase the " Legend Fixed! Gods of Destiny Card Pack Set " is now on sale!

Legends confirmed! Gods of Destiny Card Pack Set

The last card in the 10th pack is guaranteed to be a card with a leader skin or an additional Legendary card.
In addition, you can earn 20 "Gods of Destiny" card pack points for each set you purchase, and you will receive the following rewards depending on the number of packs you purchase!

  • Buy 1 set : Relic of Mystery, Spine & Rutile (after evolution) (sleeve)
  • Buy 2 sets : Mysterious Relic - Spine (after evolution) (emblem), Mysterious Relic - Rutile (after evolution) (emblem)
  • Buy 3 sets : Mysterious Relic, Spine & Rutile (After Evolution) (Premium Sleeve)

"Legend Fixed! Gods of Fate Card Pack Set" can be purchased only three times per person for 1000 crystals each.
The sale period is from Thursday, August 20, 2020 to Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at 23:59, so there's no time to waste!

For more information on the "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fortune" additional cards, please visit the "Fortune's Hand / Gods of Fortune" page on the official Shadowverse website, or check out the "Legends Confirmed! Gods of Fortune Card Pack Set" on the NEWS page!


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