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The last additional character of Strike V Season 5 is finally released! New character "Luke" participation decision!


Capcom presents to the world the milestone fighting game "Street Fighter V Champion Edition " (STV).
CAPCOM Pro Tour Online 2021 " is being held in countries around the world, and in Japan, tryout tournaments for the " Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2021 " have been completed and the draft committee has decided who will advance. The summer heat of 2021 has not lost its excitement.
The final season, Season 5, is now underway, with the release of " Dan " and " Rose " and the entry of " Oro " and " Akira " announced so far.
In addition, it has been announced that one more character will be released in Season 5, but what kind of character has not been disclosed until now.
There were speculations that it might be a popular character from previous seasons or a new character, but it was finally revealed in the " Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 " that was released on Wednesday, August 7, 2021!

Completely new character "Luke" revealed!

The last character to be added to Season 5, and the last character to be added to Street Fighter V, is the completely new character " Luke "!
The announcement was made at the end of the "Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021", and the video was even released!
The Street Fighter V series has been developed with respect for the previous Street Fighter series, and the new character "Luke" will create a new story for Street Fighter and will be a character that will lead to the future.
Luke is a character that has a very bright future in the Street Fighter Universe, as we can see from the video.
From the video, it looks like he has a lot of fist-based attacks, but he also has flying, anti-air, and rushing attacks. Can't wait to use him!


Luke" is scheduled for release in November 2021! More information will be released on the official website and Twitter, so don't forget to check back!
Luke" will bring a breath of fresh air to the Street Fighter series, so let's look forward to hearing more about who he is and how he will be involved in the world of Street Fighter V!


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"Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021" will be broadcast from 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 4!
"Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021" will be broadcast from 7:00 a.m. on Wednes...

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