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There is also the first female JeSU license obtained in the ranks! "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" 10 new JeSU certified professional license players announced!

格ゲー界初の女性プロも!「ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション」JeSU公認プロライセンス新規取得選手10名が発表!

Street Fighter V Champion Edition" has announced the 10 players who have newly acquired the Japan eSports Pro License issued by the Japan eSports Union (JeSU) .
In addition, a draft meeting will be held on June 25, 2022 (Sat), and all teams for the "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP", which will start on August 27, 2022 (Sat), have been assembled.

俺より強い“炭酸”に会いに行く!「THE STRONG 天然水スパークリング」×「ストリートファイターII」コラボ!THE STRONGを買うと、ARストIIが遊べる!

The first female professional! Tryout Tournament Results!


Japan eSports Pro License was issued to the 10 winners and runners-up of the "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 Tryout Tournament " held to discover new pros!

New JeSU Players

From left, Uryo, Sabataro, Nyanpi, tony, Sasamo
  • Uryo
    Winner of the 1st Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Tryout Tournament
  • Sunny
    2nd place in the 1st Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Tryout Tournament
  • Sabataro
    Good 8 Squad Tryout Tournament - Winner
  • Nyanpi
    Good 8 Squad Tryout Tournament - 2nd Place
  • Tony
    Hiroshima TEAM iXA Tryout Tournament Winner
  • Sasamo
    Hiroshima TEAM iXA Tryout Tournament - 2nd Place
    v6 plus FAV gaming Tryout Tournament Winner
  • Chicken Meat
    v6 plus FAV gaming Tryout Tournament - 2nd Place
  • Shitone player
    Nagoya OJA BODY STAR 2nd Tryout Tournament - Winner
  • Nari-kun
    Second Nagoya OJA BODY STAR Tryout Tournament - Second Place

Nyanpi(@nyanpi55), the runner-up in the "Good 8 Squad" tryout tournament, is the first female in the fighting game world to hold a JeSU-certified professional license!
The fighting game world is relatively dominated by male players, but we can look forward to more female players and Nyanpi's future success!

The results of the Draft Conference have been announced!

List of members of each team
CAPCOM Fighters JP

The draft conference to determine the final Street Fighter League participants was broadcast on YouTube and Twitch 's "CAPCOM Fighters JP" on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 17:00!
The three players who became pros this time , Uryo,Nari-kun, andChicken Meishi, were all part of their respective teams at the draft conference!
We are looking forward to seeing their new successes!

The opening round starts on August 27th!

開幕戦CAPCOM Fighters JP

In the "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP", 8 teams will compete for points in 56 games in 14 sections, and the top team will advance to the "Playoffs".
The top three teams will advance to the "Grand Final" where they will battle it out for the title of strongest team in Japan.

The opening round is a single-elimination 1-on-1 tournament!
The winning team will receive 20 pts, the runner-up 10 pts, and a tie for third place will receive 5 pts, which will get you very close to advancing to the playoffs!
This is a tournament not to be missed! Please find your favorite team and support them!


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21474格ゲー界初の女性プロも!「ストリートファイターV チャンピオンエディション」JeSU公認プロライセンス新規取得選手10名が発表!
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