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I'm going to see "carbonic acid" stronger than me! "THE STRONG Natural Water Sparkling" × "Street Fighter II" collaboration! Buy THE STRONG and play AR Strike II!

俺より強い“炭酸”に会いに行く!「THE STRONG 天然水スパークリング」×「ストリートファイターII」コラボ!THE STRONGを買うと、ARストIIが遊べる!

Suntory's highly carbonated water "THE STRONG Natural Water Sparkling " ("THE STRONG") and " Street Fighter II " ("STRONG II"), the hit title in the "Street Fighter" series that celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, are collaborating in the strongest collaboration ever!
A full-fledged AR Sto II game, which can be played as many times as you want for free by holding a bottle of the product over your smartphone, was released on Monday, June 27, 2022!


[drinkable arcade] You can play the AR Strike II game "Strong Fighter"!

AR Strike II game "Strong Fighter " based on the popular bonus stage of "Strike II", the gold standard of fighting games, is now available!
Choose either of the popular characters "Ryu" or "Chun-Li" to damage the icebergs filled with THE STRONG and compete for scores!
Enjoy the exhilarating experience of playing with console-like controls!

How to play "Strong Fighter" (Smartphone only)

プレイ手順 How to
  • Launch AR from the special site.
  • Select a character to play.
  • Recognize the product label that will be used as a marker by overlapping it with the logo displayed on the screen.
  • Play of the AR Strike II game "Strong Fighter" starts.
  • Result screen (can be shared to Twitter)

Collaboration web video is now available!

Music producer Hyadain sampled the sound effects of "STRONG II" and remade the well-known song "The World Warrior" for those in the know !
Enjoy the exhilarating performance of characters powered up after drinking "THE STRONG" as they unleash their Strong Special Moves, expressing their Baki Baki Strong Stimulation!

Collaboration tournament at Takadanobaba Arcade Mikado!

高田馬場ゲーセンミカド Takadanobaba Arcade Mikado PR TIMES

To commemorate this collaboration, a collaboration tournament will be held at " Takadanobaba Arcade Mikado," which is well known as a sacred place for game fans!
In addition, there will be sampling of "THE STRONG", a product display corner, a special campaign poster, and a "Strong Fighter II" experience corner!
The entry fee for the tournament is 500 yen, but if you have a Mikado wristband, the fee will be reduced to 400 yen, or 100 yen less, so if you have one, bring it with you on the day!

Tournament Information
Date and name of the event Saturday, July 9, 2022 from 20:00
Suntory THE STRONG Baki Baki Strong Cup - Street Fighter II
Saturday, July 23, 2022, 20:00 - Suntory THE STRONG Baki Bakibako Long Cup - Street Fighter II
Suntory THE STRONG Baki Bakibaki Strong Cup - Street Fighter II Dash
(iii) Saturday, July 30, 2022, 8:00 p.m. - (iv) Saturday, July 30, 2022, 8:00 p.m.
Suntory THE STRONG Baki Baki Strong Cup - Super Street Fighter IIX
Participation Fee 500 yen (400 yen with 100 yen discount if you bring your Mikado wristband)
Entry On-site registration only on the day of the tournament, closing time is 15 minutes before the tournament starts.
Please note that registration may close as soon as the number of participants reaches the maximum.
*For more information about the tournament, please check Mikado's official Twitter.

Follow us and retweet us to get an original "Sto II" bottle!

You can get your very own original Strike II bottle!
Street Fighter Official Twitter

To commemorate this collaboration, we are running a giveaway campaign where 100 people will win an original cassette-style bottle of "Sto II" released in 1991!
The deadline for entries is July 5, 2022 (Tuesday) at 23:59!
This is a can't-miss campaign for StoII fans, so please participate in it!

How to apply


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"Gail" will appear in "Street Fighter 6"! Japan's fastest trial party will hold "World Exhibition of Guys Stronger Than Me"! Application is now open!
"Gail" will appear in "Street Fighter 6"! Japan's fastest trial party ...

In "Street Fighter 6" scheduled to be released in 2023, the popular character "Gail" of the series will appear! In addition, at the Street F