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Perfect for the background of online drinking party! SEGA distributes virtual background images of "Ryu ga Nyoku" for free!


In an effort to cheer up the depressed mood of teleworkers, game makers are distributing free wallpaper and images for virtual backgrounds of videoconferences.
Our SEGA, which has been distributing free virtual background images for "Puyopuyo" and "Mega Drive Mini," has now distributed free images of the "Yakuza" series on the official SEGA Twitter account!


More suitable for online drinking sessions than meetings?

The images distributed this time are cityscapes from the "Yakuza " series.
The images include the well-known "Kamurocho", "Osaka", "Okinawa", "Onomichi", "Sapporo: Tsukimino", "Osaka: Sotenbori", "Nagoya: Nishiki Sakae-cho" & "Nagoya: Nishiki Sakae-cho". Fukuoka: Eishu-gai", and "Yokohama Isezaki Road", "Hamakita Park", "Homeless Street" from the latest " Yakuza7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness " series, and many more!
This is a great tool to use for online drinking after work, rather than for videoconferencing!
These are nice images that make you feel like you are drinking around Japan now that you can't go out for a walk.


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