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A game maker that enters NFT one after another. Sega registers NFT-only trademark logo following Konami's entry


NFT has become a hot topic as various companies have entered the market, and in April 2021, " SEGA " announced that it would enter the NFT market.
The initial plan was to start sales around August 2021, but there was no movement, and we were wondering if there would be any new movement soon, when " Sega " finally registered the NFT exclusive logo as a trademark!

Sega's NFT logo

Sega's NFT exclusive logo

The registered logos are " SEGA NFT " and the retro-style " sega Classics NFT Collection ".
The "sega Classics NFT Collection " has a retro atmosphere.
We are looking forward to seeing what kind of titles will be released.

Konami is already in the game!


Konami has already sold NFT art of the Castlevania series, which celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, for 18.3 million Japanese yen (about $18.3 million).
Sega has announced that it will enter the NFT market in April 2021, a little later than Konami, which announced " KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT " on January 6.
However, the introduction of "P2E (Play to Earn)f," which allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing blockchain games, has divided game fans and users alike, and all manufacturers are cautious about the possibility of introducing the technology. Neither Sega nor Konami has made a definitive announcement of their participation.
Expectations are high for major game makers to enter the NFT market in the future.


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